- Apr 25 2010

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Clues Answers
''Tis a pity' ALAS
'Gay' city PAREE
'Jake's Thing' novelist AMIS
'Jurassic Park' mosquito preserver RESIN
'Luck Be ___' ALADY
'Nay!' sayer ANTI
'Now it's clear!' ISEE
'Them!' creatures ANTS
'Tomb Raider' heroine LARA
'___ de mer' MAL
'___ M for Murder' DIAL
'___ well that ends well' ALLS
180 degrees from NNW SSE
5th-century invader of Britain HORSA
Acquired relative INLAW
Affectation POSE
Alexander, to friends SASHA
Almond-shaped OVAL
Army shelters TENTS
Astonished AMAZED
Babbles RUNSON
Bartenders tender them ALES
Bear's lairs DENS
Big ___ elephant ASAN
Birthday-to-birthday span YEAR
Blackthorn fruit SLOES
Blanks out ERASES
Bring under control HARNESS
Bunches of bits BYTES
Came down ALIT
Campus area QUAD
Canine in Oz TOTO
Castle trenches MOATS
Checked before a heist CASED
Clinging vines IVIES
Columbian conifer PINO
Combine UNITE
Clues Answers
Cotton fabric SATEEN
Country way LANE
Critic Kenneth TYNAN
Dean Martin song subject AMORE
Do a cobbling job RESOLE
Does nothing SITS
Drudges PEONS
Element's ID's ATNOS
Eye part IRIS
Faulkner's 'As ___ Dying' ILAY
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Fragment ATOMIZE
Gentlemanly reply YESMAAM
Give off intense light LASE
Greek goddess of discord ERIS
Gulf emirate QATAR
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Islet AIT
It's just one thing after another LIST
Jazzman Kenton STAN
Law, in Lyon LOI
Mag exec Brown TINA
Mother of Hermes MAIA
One in a red suit DIAMOND
One who gets high? SOPRANO
Opened wide GAPED
Packs tightly CRAMS
Paul McCartney's designer daughter STELLA
Pierre's aunt TANTE
Shaver brand ATRA
Shensi capital SIAN
Take off the steamer UNSHIP
Times out? CATNAPS
Utah ski resort ALTA
Wide mouths MAWS
Windflower ANEMONE