- Dec 13 2009

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Clues Answers
'My Cherie __' AMOUR
'Tartuffe' dramatist MOLIERE
'The best __ to come' ISYET
'__ Work It Out' WECAN
1942 Disney film BAMBI
Actress Mazar DEBI
Add liquor to LACE
Addison's literary partner STEELE
Alliance since 1949 NATO
Android on the Enterprise DATA
Ankle bones TARSI
Antiquated MOTHEATEN
Audacious DARING
Barbecue site PATIO
Betray, in a way RATON
Bikini tops BRAS
Bored response YAWN
Bow on the screen CLARA
Cold wind along the Adriatic Sea BORA
Coughed up ANTED
Dame preceder NOTRE
Declaration of puppy love? ARF
Disencumber RID
Ear bone STIRRUP
Electrical units OHMS
Establish clearly PINDOWN
Event for those who know the ropes RODEO
Fail to reach a goal COMESHORT
Fortune PILE
Get together UNITE
Give out meagerly DOLE
Gloating cry OHO
Hamlet's compatriots DANES
Held on to CLASPED
Hooded jackets ANORAKS
Incandescence GLOW
Laboratory rodents MICE
Clues Answers
Lawyer in London SOLICITOR
Male swans COBS
May school event, often PROM
Mideast sultanate OMAN
Noggin BEAN
Novelist Cather WILLA
Okla. neighbor KANS
Old-time lighter GASLAMP
Olfactory property SCENT
One on the run FLEER
Outer limit END
Paved area for parking HARDSTAND
Pens and needles STYLI
Pinafore letters HMS
Place for drawing? WELL
Plain people AMISH
Poet Whitman WALT
Powwow CHAT
Prepares to feather TARS
Provide funding for ENDOW
Qatar's capital DOHA
Safari boss BWANA
Secluded valley DELL
Singer Dee KIKI
Small arachnid MITE
Soviet inits. CCCP
Stand in line WAIT
Standing ERECT
Stovetop items POTS
Take credit? OWE
They go in pens INKS
Trip instigator LSD
Try to obtain SEEK
__ de combat HORS
__ loss for words ATA
__ the good ALLTO