- Nov 23 2010

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Clues Answers
2nd U.S. president ADAMS
Accomplishments DOINGS
Ancient galley TRIREME
Art category GENRE
Blend MELD
Blight BANE
Brave in love or war GALLANT
Brief moments SECS
Capital of East Flanders GHENT
Catches BAGS
Child KID
Cleanse WASH
College assn. FRAT
Compartments STALLS
Cow part UDDER
Cowardly Lion actor LAHR
Dispatched SENT
Dressed CLAD
Drink daintily SIP
Emblem BADGE
Exaction TOLL
Flowerless plant FERN
Fodder FEED
Give notice WARN
Graph line indication TREND
Great deal HEAP
Greek e ETA
It's not free of charge ION
Izmir Inhabitants TURKS
Jobs for musicians GIGS
Jordanian king HUSSEIN
Kitchen gadget BLENDER
Knighted composer ELGAR
Many-headed monster HYDRA
Miss Havisham's adoptee ESTELLA
Mother of Isaac SARAH
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Clues Answers
Musical sign CLEF
Nervous twitch TIC
Not so green RIPER
Not, in dialect NARY
On again RELIT
Onionlike plant LEEK
Oversupply GLUT
Philippine seaport CEBU
Port of ancient Rome OSTIA
Power network GRID
Prepare to be shot? POSE
Prosperous WELLOFF
Quarter of M, for Marcellus? CCL
Realtors' units ACRES
Schoolbag item RULER
See eye to eye AGREE
Sieben plus eins ACHT
Sinn __ FEIN
Smell awful REEK
Sound pleased PURR
Strengthen REINFORCE
Swift falcon PEREGRINE
Take turns ALTERNATE
Talkative bird MYNA
Tease good-naturedly CHAFF
Therefore HENCE
This instant NOW
Ties the knot WEDS
Tolerate ABIDE
Twist to one side SKEW
Vegas game KENO
Where Rommel was routed ELALAMEIN
Wintry forecast SLEET
With proficiency ABLY
__-Magnon CRO