- Oct 14 2010

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Clues Answers
'Looking Backward' author BELLAMY
'__ 18' (Uris novel) MILA
2000, e.g. YEAR
Actress Goldie HAWN
Actress Tippi HEDREN
Anemometer WINDGAUGE
Baldwin's 'If __ Street Could Talk' BEALE
Band together AFFILIATE
Beethoven dedicatee ELISE
Bellows, lion-style ROARS
Capital of Afghanistan KABUL
Cassette TAPE
Check mark TICK
Clock face DIAL
Coarse rug DRUGGET
Conceal in the hand PALM
Cowardly Lion actor LAHR
Express mirth LAUGH
Fencing cry ENGARDE
Fifth wheel SPARE
Floor covering, for short LINO
Fluffy mass FLOC
Forsaken LORN
French president after d'Estaing MITTERAND
Friday's creator DEFOE
Go out with DATE
Go under SINK
Goggles GAWKS
Head part SCALP
Heavy weight TON
High spot PEAK
High-altitude probe SONDE
Infant BABY
Inscribed stone slab STELA
It's about a foot SHOE
Joined together closely KNIT
Kimono sash OBI
Clues Answers
Krazy __ KAT
Laptop maker SONY
Laugh syllable HEE
Lose strength FLAG
Marshes FENS
Neighbor of Mauritania MALI
Nelson's Lady Hamilton EMMA
Neophyte TYRO
Nonsense BOSH
Not set RUNNY
Panhandles BEGS
Perplexed ATALOSS
Plato's pupil ARISTOTLE
Prefix with red INFRA
Receptacle BOWL
Reed instrument OBOE
Resort city on the Rhine WIESBADEN
Russian prison GULAG
Sketch DRAW
Smart guy ALECK
Snooze NAP
Song of the past OLDIE
Star Wars, initially SDI
Strong disapproval CENSURE
Submarine detector SONAR
Swedish export SAAB
Swine's confines STY
Tangle up ENSNARL
Taunt TWIT
Tax on imports TARIFF
Tokyo's former name EDO
Wall Street commodity SHARE
Where Minos ruled CRETE
Where Rommel was routed ELALAMEIN
Wistful exclamation OHGEE
__ al-Rashid HARUN
__ the good ALLTO