- Oct 12 2010

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Clues Answers
'Advise and Consent' author DRURY
'Fiddlesticks!' PSHAW
A party to INON
Actor Willem DAFOE
Actress Gaynor MITZI
Adept ABLE
Aniseed-flavored liqueur OUZO
Author Sinclair UPTON
Back-of-the-book list ADDENDA
Ballroom dance POLKA
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Chancellor of Germany after Adenauer ERHARD
Chinese cabbage BOKCHOY
Chinese gambling game FANTAN
City on the Volga SAMARA
Collection of anecdotes ANA
Comrades in arms? REDARMY
Conscious AWARE
Corn bread PONE
Court call ADIN
Criticize CARP
Elated HIGH
Energetic ones DYNAMOS
Entertain AMUSE
Familiar with USEDTO
Fervent AVID
Floor covering RUG
Foodstuff ALIMENT
Fragrance AROMA
Gimlet or screwdriver TOOL
Handle without care MAUL
Hang together COHERE
Hawaiian port HILO
Hue changer DYER
Imminent NEAR
Irish county MEATH
Joy of wild animals? ADAMSON
Clues Answers
Magnum follower OPUS
More correct TRUER
Mountain on the Gulf of Salonika OSSA
Navigators' Islands, today SAMOA
Not yet hardened UNSET
Nut trees BEECHES
Observed SEEN
Option for Hamlet TOBE
Pancreas, e.g. GLAND
Perfume ingredient MUSK
Pinball violation TILT
Province of SE China HUNAN
River of Florence ARNO
Rolling stone's lack MOSS
Russian ballet defector NUREYEV
Sacred bull of Egypt APIS
Semi-legendary king of the Britons ARTHUR
Seven for Caesar VII
Singer O'Connor SINEAD
Small stream RILL
So all can hear ALOUD
Soak up some sun BASK
Stout's Wolfe NERO
Stumpy remnant STUB
Suffix with pay or play OLA
Take down __ APEG
Taro root EDDO
Thomas __ Edison ALVA
Throw the dice ROLL
Tibetan priest LAMA
Time waster IDLER
Tripoli is its capital LIBYA
Type of sock ANKLET
Upright ONEND
Weaver of myth ARACHNE
Wipe out ERASE
Witticisms MOTS
Young eel ELVER
Zimmermann alias DYLAN