- Aug 20 2008

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Clues Answers
'The Lion King' hero SIMBA
'There was __ woman...' ANOLD
A question of motive WHY
Actress Davis GEENA
Afrikaner BOER
Arizona native HOPI
Author Loos ANITA
Beelike APIAN
Betelgeuse's constellation ORION
Biblical mountain HOREB
Blackmore heroine LORNADOONE
Breakwater MOLE
Brick material CLAY
Bump off DOIN
Capp of comics ANDY
Classic 1896 Alfred Jarry play UBUROI
Composer Khachaturian ARAM
Curved connector UBOLT
Cut, as grass MOWN
Dingy DRAB
Disappear gradually FADE
Distinction NOTE
Emperor after Claudius NERO
Evening affair SOIREE
Fido and friends MUTTS
Founder of Stoicism ZENO
Gal's guy FELLA
Garish LOUD
Gas pump rating OCTANE
German republic WEIMAR
Get-up-and-go VIM
Harried RODE
Hitch or glitch SNAG
I of 'The King and I' ANNA
Impart LEND
Intellectual EGGHEAD
Clues Answers
It's south of Georgia IRAN
Lathe operator's place TURNERY
Least refined CRUDEST
Less fresh STALER
Library ref. OED
Literary category GENRE
Looked happy SMILED
MacGraw's 'Love Story' co-star ONEAL
Make-or-break time DDAY
Member of the opposition ANTI
Mountain lions PUMAS
Mystery ENIGMA
Mystery writer's award EDGAR
Neutral hue ECRU
Non-professional AMATEUR
Over in Germany UBER
Paganini's birthplace GENOA
Parched ARID
Purported ALLEGED
Redress REMEDY
Regarding ASTO
Sign of spring ARIES
Small sum MITE
Soviet news agency TASS
Spiritual mentor GURU
Stay attached ADHERE
Steak style RARE
Thomas __ Edison ALVA
Tiny fly MIDGE
Track tournament MEET
Type of pastry PUFF
Vocalist Quatro SUZI
Winter bug FLU
Words on a Wonderland cake EATME
__ van Beethoven LUDWIG