- Aug 6 2010

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Clues Answers
'Give it __!' AREST
'Slither' star CAAN
'The Crucible' setting SALEM
'__ the Roof ' UPON
Acquiesce ASSENT
African spear ASSEGAI
Allies' opponent AXIS
Behavior CONDUCT
Belgian songwriter Jacques BREL
Caprice WHIM
Catchall category: Abbr. MISC
Charitable donations ALMS
Chess piece ROOK
Cowboy gear CHAPS
Cross-country runner HARRIER
Diplomacy alternative WAR
Dismayed ALARMED
Egg-shaped instrument OCARINA
Festival GALA
Fire place GRATE
Fortune-teller's deck TAROT
French bean? TETE
Goddess of discord ATE
Greek underworld HADES
Handbook GUIDE
Hazardous RISKY
Inuit abode IGLOO
Ireland's De Valera EAMON
It's a fact DATUM
Large stain SPLOTCH
Life jacket MAEWEST
Look searchingly PEER
Looked after SAWTO
Make a mistake ERR
Nahuatl AZTEC
Clues Answers
Narrow inlets RIAS
Norway's capital OSLO
Not on deck BELOW
Nursery rhyme cry WEEWEEWEE
Outstanding debt ARREARS
Panasonic rival SONY
Particular DETAIL
Placed LAID
Pop in Paris PERE
Prefix with physics META
Put into motion ACTUATE
Sculptor Oldenburg CLAES
Shade of brown MOCHA
Singer Amos TORI
Sixth letter of the Greek alphabet ZETA
Son of Jacob and Leah LEVI
South Pacific boat PRAU
Spilled the beans SANG
Stagger REEL
Steal away ELOPE
Stern with a bow ISAAC
Stinging insect WASP
Stinging plant NETTLE
Syrian city ALEPPO
Take place OCCUR
The C of Lloyd C. Douglas CASSEL
Transformation SEACHANGE
Type of orange NAVEL
Type of parallelogram RHOMB
Variegated PIED
Wed follower THURS
Wield a mop SWAB
Wizard MAGE
Woodcutter's tool HANDSAW
Yours and mine OURS
__ et mon droit DIEU
__-en-Provence AIX