- Jul 28 2008

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Clues Answers
'Fear of Flying' author JONG
'He's __ nowhere man' (Beatles lyric) AREAL
'Measure for Measure' villain ANGELO
'Smooth Operator' singer SADE
'Star Trek' producer Roddenberry GENE
'Three men in __' ATUB
'__ I cared!' ASIF
1930 Dietrich role LOLA
9-to-5 grind RUT
Actress Dunaway FAYE
Actress Leigh JANET
Alleviated EASED
An unspecified amount SOME
Arab marketplace SOUK
Asian prince KHAN
Assemble MASS
Attacked from the air STRAFED
Authentic ECHT
Author Loos ANITA
Bard's river AVON
Battle FIGHT
Best Film of 1988 RAINMAN
Born here NATIVE
Central points FOCI
Change for a C-note TENS
Crazes FADS
Cushions PADS
Decimal base TEN
Deities GODS
Designer Versace DONATELLA
Disguises MASKS
Diving bird LOON
Donner __ Blitzen UND
Effect in the recording studio ECHO
Egg-shaped OVATE
Ellington or Wellington, e.g. DUKE
Embittered SOUR
Clues Answers
Excessive supply GLUT
Fiddler on the Roof matchmaker YENTE
Filled pastry FLAN
Final LAST
Foolishness FATUITY
Go with the flow ADAPT
Gorge oneself EATALOT
Greek vowel IOTA
Have the nerve DARE
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Highway patroller TROOPER
In a rowdy way RIOTOUSLY
Jack-in-the-pulpit ARUM
Jazz style TRAD
Jazzman Chick COREA
Length X width AREA
Lifeless INERT
Luckless one LOSER
Madame Marcos IMELDA
Norse god of mischief LOKI
Official language of the Philippines TAGALOG
Pound sound YELP
Representative AGENT
Sampras of tennis PETE
Security org. CIA
Singer Simone NINA
Small sturgeon STERLET
Solitary ALONE
Stead LIEU
Swindles GYPS
Tot's transport TRIKE
Wanderer NOMAD
Warning, old-style ALARUM
Working ATIT