- Jul 12 2008

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Clues Answers
'If __ a Rich Man' IWERE
'The Art of Love' poet OVID
'Trinity' novelist URIS
'Yeah, sure!' IBET
1979 Billy Joel hit BIGSHOT
Absent AWAY
Absolute UTTER
Actionable statement LIBEL
All there SANE
Amount to be divided PIE
Ball partner ARNAZ
Ballet follower RUSSE
Berserk AMOK
Big name in plastic VISA
Blakey or Tatum ART
Blot on the landscape EYESORE
Boats like Noah's ARKS
Brazilian river PARA
Clever remark BONMOT
Common defense ALIBI
Complex Greek king OEDIPUS
Compound OXIDE
Country singer Griffith NANCI
Cricket teams ELEVENS
D-Day beach OMAHA
Damascus native SYRIAN
Defoe and Day-Lewis DANIELS
Disfigure DEFACE
Door opener KNOB
Eastern Europeans SERBS
Element #5 BORON
English county ESSEX
French rocket ARIANE
Gulf war missile SCUD
Gusto ZEST
Has to have NEEDS
Clues Answers
Impecunious POOR
Joan of art MIRO
Legal drama on TV LALAW
Letter opener SIRS
Like some patches IRONON
Loathsome VILE
Lose one's cool SEERED
Lyric poem EPODE
Male swans COBS
Panasonic rival SONY
Pencil topper ERASER
Phrase differently REWORD
Piglet's pal ROO
Popular pants LEVIS
Protectors GUARDS
Representatives DELEGATES
Rockies resort ASPEN
Rollerblade SKATE
Sales force REPS
Skywalker foe VADER
Slimmer swimmer EEL
Speak indistinctly SLUR
Stopwatch button RESET
Take place OCCUR
Tear RIP
Texas border city LAREDO
The Destroyer, in Hinduism SIVA
Turn turtle CAPSIZE
Verb-turned-noun GERUND
Web location SITE
Whitman's 'Leaves of __' GRASS
Winners break it TAPE
Woodworking tool ADZE
__ noire BETE
__ Sutcliffe, early Beatle STU