- Jun 23 2008

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Clues Answers
'How Sweet __!' ITIS
'Scourge of God' ATTILA
'The Chronicles of Clovis' writer SAKI
'__ 18' (Uris novel) MILA
'__ in the Wind' CANDLE
Adam of 'Chicago Hope' ARKIN
Appearance MIEN
Barbarous nomads HUNS
Becomes fond of TAKESTO
Boat backbone KEEL
Brandy cocktail SIDECAR
Break up ENDIT
Building material STONE
Chaplin prop CANE
Characteristic TRAIT
Circumference GIRTH
Citrus drink LIMEADE
Crowd sound ROAR
Devastation HAVOC
Dreadlocks wearer RASTA
Emolument WAGES
Endure LAST
Euripides tragedy ELECTRA
Fashion designer Versace DONATELLA
Female animals DOES
Film feline ELSA
Florida city OCALA
Foofaraw ADO
Formerly ONCE
French critic and historian Hippolyte Adolphe TAINE
Get together UNITE
Got rid of AXED
H, e.g. DRUG
Had a row? OARED
Highlands hillside BRAE
Clues Answers
Hindu goddess KALI
Honker HORN
Inkling IDEA
Jewish scriptures TORAH
Keen on INTO
Kind of spray NASAL
Left orbit REENTERED
Mandarin CHINESE
Marx of Marxism KARL
Med. course ANAT
Medieval helmet ARMET
Most sacred HOLIEST
Nantes noggin TETE
Neighbor of Minn. SDAK
Nouveaux __ RICHES
Objective GOAL
One branch of Islam SHIISM
Paintings and such ART
Piano piece ETUDE
Ragout STEW
Rajiv's mom INDIRA
Rap with the knuckles KNOCK
Rich cake TORTE
Self starter? ESS
Signals at Sotheby's NODS
Small amount IOTA
Songbird LARK
String player CELLIST
Stylish SMART
Texas soap DALLAS
Tight gripper VISE
Tot's transport TRIKE
Unskilled writers HACKS
Vestige TRACE
Was humiliated ATECROW
__-en-Provence AIX