- Sep 22 2010

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Clues Answers
'Baby It's You' singers SHIRELLES
'Cat on __ Tin Roof' AHOT
'Dune' author HERBERT
'I Am __' (Helen Reddy song) WOMAN
'Infanta Margarita' painter VELASQUEZ
'Saving Private __' RYAN
'Symphonie espagnole' composer LALO
Alaska native ALEUT
Andean ruminant LLAMA
Angle symbol THETA
Animator Avery TEX
Billiard stroke MASSE
Blow gently WAFT
Bone of the forearm ULNA
British rule in India RAJ
Cactus plant OPUNTIA
Cattle count HEAD
Cheryl of 'Charlie's Angels' LADD
Colchester's county ESSEX
Counting-out starter EENY
Crippled LAME
Double-curved molding OGEE
Edible mushroom MOREL
Elvis __ Presley ARON
Eye receptor cell CONE
Fencing sword EPEE
Film director Forman MILOS
Follower of Mary LAMB
Fossil resin AMBER
Go ashore DEBARK
Greek goddess of discord ERIS
Homework assignment ESSAY
Horrific situation NIGHTMARE
Imitative behavior APERY
In the past AGO
In this place HERE
Indian peasant RYOT
Clues Answers
It's human TOERR
Italian tenor Gigli BENIAMINO
Japan's first capital NARA
Lariat RIATA
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Lone performer SOLOIST
Low card DEUCE
Mediterranean vessel CAIQUE
Muslim summons to prayer AZAN
Neb. neighbor KAN
Novelist France of France ANATOLE
NYC museum MOMA
Once more ANEW
Ore deposit LODE
Poe's middle name ALLAN
Political cartoonist Thomas NAST
Prefix for suction LIPO
Prison term TIME
Professor 'iggins ENRY
Puccini heroine TOSCA
Quake locale FAULT
Radiation unit REM
Rep's closure SALE
Rigging supporters MASTS
Right at the beginning? ORTHO
Rock musician Brian ENO
Shadow TAIL
Shelley's alma mater ETON
Singer Iglesias JULIO
Small salamanders NEWTS
Something choice to eat TREAT
Tiny particle ATOM
Wanderer ROVER
Winnie-the-Pooh's creator AAMILNE
Woeful exclamation ALAS
Yule mo. DEC
__carte ALA