USA Today - Feb 29 2008

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Clues Answers
''Ask somebody ___!'' ELSE
''Come to think of it . . .'' SAY
''With ___ in sight'' NOEND
A way to make blind SEEL
Abbreviation on many a remote VOL
Accelerator bit ION
Alpine transport TBAR
Always, in verse EER
At once, to the Bard ANON
Banded rock GNEISS
Bella Abzug, for one FEMINIST
Burn-soothing plant ALOE
Cat's scratcher CLAW
Chaos before Creation ABYSS
Cotillion venues BALLROOMS
Countermands OVERRIDES
D.D.E.'s command ETO
Damp and chilly RAW
Dernier ___ (the latest thing) CRI
Dynamite inventor NOBEL
Errare humanum ___ EST
Escorts offer it ARM
Five percent of a score ONE
Foam at the mouth RAGE
Foretells BODES
Former Steelers coach Chuck NOLL
Frosty treat SMOOTHIE
Gambling mecca RENO
Han River city SEOUL
Horror master Craven WES
In accordance with ASPER
Insurrectionist Turner NAT
Kentucky college BEREA
Kilmer in ''Batman Forever'' VAL
Land on the Strait of Hormuz OMAN
Learning method ROTE
Liberate SETFREE
Like Chicago, typically GUSTY
Literary adverb NEER
Clues Answers
Little bit TAD
London lav LOO
Louisiana legend Huey LONG
Make indifferent ALIENATE
Marker letters IOU
More, in Madrid MAS
Natural rug material SISAL
North or South state, briefly DAK
Painful indication of indignation SLAP
Poi source TARO
Postpaid encl. SASE
Red ink amount LOSS
Regarding ANENT
Scratch MOOLA
Seating request AISLE
Shoreline guardians, initially USCG
Sitar accompaniment TABLA
Some perch WALLEYES
Star to look up to IDOL
Storage places CLOSETS
Tales and such LORE
Thespian's quest ROLE
They're corny KERNELS
Triple Crown winner Seattle ___ SLEW
Wall Street worker ANALYST
Wallops PASTES
Watery 911 SOS
Word to a marksman READY
Words of befuddlement IHAVENOIDEA
Words of befuddlement ONLYGODKNOWS
Words of befuddlement (with 28-Across) YOURGUESSIS
Wrinkly fruit PRUNE
You might look up to it SKY
___ Kippur YOM
___ masque BAL
___ pro nobis (pray for us) ORA
___ Yat-sen SUN