- May 31 2010

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Clues Answers
'60s hairdo AFRO
'Crocodile Dundee' star HOGAN
'___ to the Church on Time' GETME
A long, long time AGES
Admit openly AVOW
Aerodynamically designed SLEEK
Alliance basis PACT
Ancient Britons PICTS
Bar at the bar ESTOP
Bar seat STOOL
Bird bill part CERE
Bit of a tiff SPAT
Boat-deck wood TEAK
Boxer's combination ONETWO
Brindled cat TABBY
Bull in an arena TORO
Cafe au ___ LAIT
Capital near Casablanca RABAT
Capital of Kansas TOPEKA
Change for the better AMEND
Channel GROOVE
Choler IRE
Chumps SAPS
City in central Florida OCALA
Clothes line? SEAM
Coated with gold GILT
Confident SURE
Contestant VIER
Country singer McEntire REBA
Cry from the sty OINK
Current fashions TRENDS
Depressed BLUE
Detective Charlie CHAN
Deteriorate GOTOPOT
Devoured ATEUP
Clues Answers
Domicile HOME
Eleven in Paris ONZE
Enterprise counselor Deanna TROI
Fifth Avenue store SAKS
Flat-bottomed boat PUNT
Flying saucer UFO
Folksinger Burl IVES
Former Saudi king ___ Saud IBN
Hatching places NESTS
Highlands hillside BRAE
Honolulu's island OAHU
Hypothetical physics particle AXION
In bondage ENSLAVED
Indian drums TABLAS
It flows into the Seine MARNE
Jamaican music SKA
Leave the stage EXIT
Like a hard-working exerciser SWEATY
Liquor smuggler RUMRUNNER
One or two AFEW
Polite interruption AHEM
Puerto ___ RICO
Sharp barks YAPS
Shower alternative BATH
Shreds RIPS
Slightly better than ACUTABOVE
Some tanners SUNLAMPS
Spanish cubist GRIS
Stovetop items POTS
Swiss cottages CHALETS
Tennis miss NETBALL
Thus far ASYET
Top monk ABBOT
Town square PLAZA
Worsted fabric SERGE
___ noire BETE