- Apr 26 2009

Clues Answers
'Amores' poet OVID
Actor Delon ALAIN
Actress Thurman UMA
Ankle-length skirt MAXI
Bellow ROAR
Biblical inheritors THEMEEK
Bored exclamation HOHUM
Boxing great ALI
Bridge support TRESTLE
Business letters? INC
Business VIP CEO
Carpenter's nail BRAD
Cattle genus BOS
Chip's cartoon chum DALE
Classic poem EPODE
Clint Eastwood TV western RAWHIDE
Coagulate CLOT
Constellation near Cassiopeia ANDROMEDA
Corn holder CRIB
Correction list ERRATA
Creeks RIAS
Deadly snakes ASPS
Desktop item BLOTTER
Dinner for Dobbin OATS
Ekberg of films ANITA
Expression TERM
Extraordinary REMARKABLE
Fashionably nostalgic RETRO
Female relative AUNT
Film fragment CLIP
Florida seaport TAMPA
Fred Astaire's sister ADELE
Gambler's concern ODDS
Given limited quantities RATIONED
Gladly, old-style FAIN
Clues Answers
Grenoble's river ISERE
Hard work TOIL
Harvest REAP
Has a hunch FEELS
Hindu holy man SADHU
Irritated RILED
Israeli natives SABRAS
Jazz singer Smith BESSIE
Jazz style TRAD
Keyboard instrument CELESTA
Less exciting TAMER
Logging-on requirement USERID
Low cards DEUCES
Major Norse deity ODIN
Melodious Horne LENA
Milky gems OPALS
Muslim leader IMAM
Number two VICE
Nursery-rhyme home SHOE
Painter Bonheur ROSA
Palm fruit DATE
Pearl Buck novel DRAGONSEED
Peter in France PIERRE
Peter in Italy PIETRO
Platforms ROSTRA
Presidential advisors CABINET
Prophetess of Greek myth CASSANDRA
Ragout STEW
Repast MEAL
Resin source PINE
Rock concert equipment AMPS
Salts TARS
Small orange SATSUMA
Type of toothpaste GEL
Unaccompanied LONE