- Apr 21 2010

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Clues Answers
''Deutschland ___ Alles'' UBER
'A Passage ___' TOINDIA
'Coppélia' composer DELIBES
'My Cherie __' AMOUR
'My Gal ___' SAL
'The Tempest' sprite ARIEL
'The Thin Man' dog ASTA
'___ Marlene' LILI
A case of pins and needles ETUI
Admired one HERO
Approach COME
Approaching from two directions STEREO
Aptitudes BENTS
Banded stone AGATE
Bar on a car AXLE
Barbershop sharpeners STROPS
Bargain event SALE
Barn dance seat BALE
Believer in a god THEIST
Big Apple ballpark SHEA
Big brutes APES
Big prefix MEGA
Bob in the Olympics SLED
Bruce or Laura of Hollywood DERN
Captured TOOK
Caravan stops OASES
Central spots LOCI
Certain car deal LEASE
Cherished, as a bambina CARA
Climber's rock CRAG
Come after ENSUE
Compact TREATY
Conductor Dorati ANTAL
Construct ERECT
Cooked chestnuts ROASTED
Cropped up AROSE
Easy gait AMBLE
Electronics pioneer Nikola TESLA
European tongue SWEDISH
Clues Answers
Explosive, for short NITRO
Fact fudger LIAR
Fast runners HARES
Fix, as a fight RIG
Flowers with yellow, buttonlike blooms TANSIES
Galloway gal LASS
Grandmas NANAS
Great time, or great noise BLAST
Gulf States bigwig AMIR
Harem chamber ODA
Heavenly rings HALOS
High-calorie cake TORTE
Introductions LEADINS
Kids' wheels TRIKES
Landlord's sign TOLET
Leave off HALT
Linen vestments ALBS
Longs for DESIRES
Mail a payment REMIT
Man of the world? Not! WAYNE
Native village, in South Africa STAD
Oodles SCADS
Pod contents PEAS
Race pace TROT
Relief pictures? CAMEOS
Seed coat ARIL
Spill the beans TATTLE
Spiny shrub GORSE
Straight as ___ ADIE
Take hold SETIN
Teri Hatcher role LOIS
Thai currency BAHT
They bring home the bacon EARNERS
They ring some necks REATAS
___ in a poke APIG
___-en-Provence AIX