- Apr 5 2009

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Clues Answers
'Ed Wood' star DEPP
'I cannot tell ___' ALIE
'Moon River' lyricist MERCER
'Two Mules for Sister ___' SARA
Actress Woodward JOANNE
Alexander ingredient GIN
Aloha State bird NENE
Anatomical pouch SAC
Ancient Greek coin OBOL
Appraise ASSESS
Balkan native SERB
Bestow GRANT
Bit of resistance OHM
Brave leader GERONIMO
Brazilian river PARNAIBA
Buzzing pest GNAT
Chanel of fashion COCO
Cicatrix SCAR
Continental currency EURO
Daredevil Knievel EVEL
Deities GODS
Dividing membranes SEPTA
Diving duck SMEW
Easy gait AMBLE
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Element discovered in 1778 MOLYBDENUM
Erelong ANON
Euclidean proposition THEOREM
Exceptional RARE
Feels bitter about RESENTS
Fire truck equipment LADDERS
Fleece seeker JASON
Flightless birds RHEAS
Galoots OAFS
Genesis brother ABEL
Clues Answers
Gulf emirate QATAR
Hamburg's river ELBE
Hankering YEN
Having new life REBORN
Honest-to-goodness GENUINE
Industrious insects ANTS
Is intemperate OVERDOESIT
Istanbul currency LIRA
Keyed up TENSE
Learning method ROTE
Lucy Lawless role XENA
Not available INUSE
Obeisance SALAAM
Ornamental garden PARTERRE
Oscar winner Davis GEENA
Plan of action AGENDA
Plucked instrument UKE
Poet's foot IAMB
Pointer CLUE
Pond dross SCUM
Posed for a portrait SAT
Projecting window ORIEL
Put in the hold STOW
Quick trip SPIN
San Juan is its capital PUERTORICO
Sommer in the movies ELKE
Song for Piaf CHANSON
Tiny flies MIDGES
Transmission rate BAUD
Type size PICA
Untidy one SLOVEN
Zilch ZERO
___ incognita TERRA
___ pro quo QUID