- Apr 1 2010

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Clues Answers
'Clan of the Cave Bear' author AUEL
'Comme il ___' (fittingly: Fr.) FAUT
'Commedia dell'___' ARTE
'Goosebumps' author STINE
'The Far Side' cartoonist Gary LARSON
'We're off ___ the wizard ...' TOSEE
'Well, Did You ___?' (Cole Porter query) EVAH
100 percent ALL
Adolescent TEEN
Anatomical dividers SEPTA
Ancient Roman stone thrower BALLISTA
And others: Lat. ETALII
Audio cassettes TAPES
August birth sign LEO
Bailiwick AREA
Ball balancers TEES
Barter TRADE
Beach resorts LIDOS
Beliefs TENETS
Big name in chicken SANDERS
Big spreads ESTATES
Big top TENT
Billiards stroke MASSE
Brewery output BEER
Brie, Camembert, etc. CHEESES
Brings under control TAMES
Calculus pioneer EULER
Cass Elliot was one of them MAMAS
Cassowary's cousin RHEA
Celebrations FETES
Chair part ARMREST
Chips in? ANTES
Choice of neckline VEE
Choose ELECT
Clio's sister ERATO
Coin aperture SLOT
Court statement PLEA
Clues Answers
Critically injure MAIM
Days before big events EVES
Disguised language CODE
Dosage amts. TSPS
Eight in Austria ACHT
Eye in awe GAPEAT
Fit for a king REGAL
Flight component STAIR
German poet Heinrich HEINE
Hindu gentleman BABU
How some shares are sold ATPAR
Indian of the Great Basin PAIUTE
Infants BABIES
King's seat THRONE
Like some stockings SEAMLESS
Lives on LASTS
Metric units TENTHS
Nautical ropes TYES
Occasions to serve crumpets TEAS
One adept at serving ACER
Platte River people OTO
Post-marathon feeling SORENESS
Prefix for puncture ACU
Proclamation from the pope PAPALBULL
Puts away STASHES
Roman goddess of the hearth VESTA
Seine tributary EURE
Store receipt SALESSLIP
Suffix with portrait URE
The Caspian is just below it SEALEVEL
Utter confusion CHAOS
Words for actors LINES
Worries CARES
WWW addresses URLS
___ canto (singing style) BEL
___ operas (Gilbert and Sullivan works) SAVOY
___ up (agitated) HET