- Mar 16 2008

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Clues Answers
'Bali __' HAI
'Give __ break!' MEA
'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under __' THESEA
'__ coffee?' TEAOR
Abrasive substance EMERY
Actress Blanchett CATE
Actress Lillian GISH
Be dispirited MOPE
Biblical affirmative YEA
Bridge player EAST
Bridge support TRESTLE
Cambodian's neighbor LAO
Captured again RETOOK
Classify LABEL
Conductance unit MHO
Confab CHAT
Copied in the office XEROXED
Critical warning REDALERT
Diva's song ARIA
Endangered antelope ORYX
Escritoires DESKS
Express again RESAY
Eye makeup LINER
Fancy watch ROLEX
Former Big Apple mayor EDKOCH
Fuming IRATE
Gamekeeper's concern PHEASANTS
Happy sort SMILER
Head of a train ENGINE
Hippie's hangout PAD
Humble MEEK
Inanimate DEAD
Karl or Groucho? MARX
Key in ENTER
Lagoon site ATOLL
Lawsuits CASES
Listen and pay attention HEAR
Clues Answers
Lowly workers PEONS
Miscalculates ERRS
Movie star Sharif OMAR
Mrs Parker-Bowles CAMILLA
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Open-air rooms ATRIA
Phoenician god BAAL
Pith helmet TOPEE
Poetic Percy SHELLEY
Political group PARTY
Positive thinking proponent PEALE
Printing error TYPO
Proof word ERAT
Ready for battle ARMED
Registered ENROLLED
Regulations RULES
Sacred HOLY
Saudi monetary unit RIYAL
Set of circumstances BALLGAME
Sign of life BREATH
Six-Day War leader DAYAN
Smart opening? ESS
Sorrowful poem ELEGY
South Pacific republic FIJI
Speck ATOM
Starter home? UTERUS
Storm preceder CALM
Suffix with old or young STER
Take down __ APEG
Tell tall tales LIE
Thighbone FEMUR
Threescore SIXTY
Wearied JADED
What I love, in song APARADE
__ and crafts ARTS