- Feb 1 2008

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Clues Answers
'Get __ of yourself!' AHOLD
'__ Daughter' RYANS
'__ It Romantic?' ISNT
A little night music TAPS
Actor Milo OSHEA
Aurora's Greek counterpart EOS
Beach shelter CABANA
Because of DUETO
Bills NEBS
Bitterness RANCOR
Blast furnace input IRONORE
Bordeaux, e.g. VIN
Calendar abbr. SEPT
Classic author Defoe DANIEL
Coagulate CURDLE
Commander of the Nautilus NEMO
Concert violinist Milstein NATHAN
De __ (superfluous) TROP
Deep sleeps COMAS
Delicious drink NECTAR
Domicile ABODE
Duke or earl TITLE
Egyptian Christian COPT
Encumbered SADDLED
Excited HETUP
Fabled bird ROC
Faction SIDE
Family favored by Jacobites STUARTS
First name? ADAM
Gardener's implement SPADE
Get __ on the back APAT
GI address APO
Ham's acknowledgment ROGER
Hard stuff BOOZE
Harmful precipitation ACIDRAIN
Clues Answers
Hood of Sherwood ROBIN
Ipso __ FACTO
It meant so much to Rossini TANTO
Karate blow CHOP
Kind of pearl SEED
Light weight OUNCE
Mideast bread PITA
Monopoly piece HOTEL
Natural satellite MOON
Object THING
Objective AIM
Old Ireland ERIN
Orchestra members OBOISTS
Perfume SCENT
Prongs TINES
Putting surfaces GREENS
Read superficially SKIM
Shaving wound NICK
Short work of fiction NOVELETTE
Shroud HIDE
Singer Franklin ARETHA
Small amount DAB
Smidgen IOTA
Sounds of delight AAHS
Speak indistinctly SLUR
Strong objection PROTEST
Stupid person IGNORAMUS
Thinly spread SPARSE
Time of day HOUR
Tip off ALERT
Verse works POEMS
What many villains come to BADEND
Window frame SASH
Woodworking tool ADZE
__ Morgana FATA