- Jan 26 2011

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Clues Answers
'Brigg Fair' composer DELIUS
'Dragonwyck' author Seton ANYA
'For ___ know ...' ALLI
'Great Expectations' hero PIP
'Othello' villain IAGO
1954 Hitchcock movie REARWINDOW
Ancient galley BIREME
Ancient Semitic idol BAAL
Apt. accommodation BDRM
Bishoprics SEES
Blooming time APRIL
Came down ALIT
Capital on the Caspian BAKU
City in S. Dakota SIOUXFALLS
Court order? RISE
Creeks RIAS
Dance moves STEPS
Devil worship SATANISM
Discovered DETECTED
Dispatch SEND
Drying frame AIRER
Eight in Paris HUIT
Experience again RELIVE
Fatigue TIRE
Fine horse ARAB
Furnace waste SLAG
Give forth EMIT
Goddess of discord ERIS
Greek goddess of justice ASTRAEA
Heredity factor GENE
Hesitant sounds ERS
Hollywood's Hedy LAMARR
Inter ___ ALIA
Italian aperitif CAMPARI
Its capital is Belgrade SERBIA
Lie low HIDE
Clues Answers
Lone Star State TEXAS
Long-plumed wader EGRET
Meadows LEAS
Means of identification LINEUP
Molecule component ATOM
Neither Dem nor Rep IND
Neutral shade BEIGE
Nevertheless ALLTHESAME
None of that? THIS
Novello of old films IVOR
Oklahoma city TULSA
Once ___ lifetime INA
One and only SOLE
Pack animal WOLF
Peddle SELL
Plant runners TENDRILS
Potter's oven KILN
Prince of opera IGOR
Pronounced UTTERED
Put into service USE
Puts in stitches SEWS
Restored to life REVIVIFIED
Rio Grande city ELPASO
Riverside plant REED
Sound of a step TREAD
Sure thing CERT
Takes a chair SITS
Three in Rome III
Unauthorized pickups THEFTS
Waikiki welcome ALOHA
Walks in water WADES
Win by ___ ANOSE
Wireless pioneer MARCONI
___ buco (Italian dish) OSSO