- Jan 8 2009

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Clues Answers
'Sands of ___ Jima' IWO
'Sesame Street' Muppet ELMO
'Waiting for __' GODOT
'___ Work It Out' WECAN
1996 Madonna role EVITA
A cardinal point EAST
Actress Berger SENTA
Agitate ROIL
Alleviate EASE
Applaud CLAP
Arizona Indian PIMA
Arrives COMES
Assigned period of work STINT
Assumed name ALIAS
Be intelligible MAKESENSE
Bolsheviks REDS
Bullfighters TOREROS
Burden LOAD
Bushranger Kelly NED
Cafe au ___ LAIT
Celebratory poems ODES
Charleston, e.g. DANCE
Chauffeur-driven vehicle LIMO
Conked out DIED
Court star Monica SELES
Deep stupor NARCOSIS
Diminutive ending ETTE
Director Brooks MEL
Feeling of dread ANGST
First person ADAM
Flightless bird RHEA
Frenzied AMOK
Galley mark STET
Gem State capital BOISE
Giver of freedom LIBERATOR
Clues Answers
Helpful hints TIPS
Hopkins role LECTER
Impersonate POSEAS
It serves Tel Aviv ELAL
Kitchen gadget GRATER
Little bit SMIDGEN
Lump of turf DIVOT
Make amends ATONE
Marner of fiction SILAS
Mil. rank SGT
Missouri River tribe OTOE
Monkshood ACONITE
More mature OLDER
Not available INUSE
Old Testament book AMOS
Oversight LAPSE
Peru's largest city LIMA
Photographed SHOT
Pioneers, often SETTLERS
Plane, e.g. TOOL
Prepared for publication EDITED
Relish GUSTO
Rocky peaks TORS
Sees eye to eye AGREES
Shipping route SEALANE
Some seafood CLAMS
Stair parts TREADS
Strong desire URGE
Tacks on ADDS
Tree trunk BOLE
Typewriter settings TABS
Unnecessary AVOIDABLE
Vaughan of jazz SARAH
Water sources WELLS