USA Today - Nov 24 2015

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Clues Answers
"Common Sense" writer Thomas PAINE
"Congratulations!" KUDOS
"I called it!" DIBS
"Nyah-nyah," is one TAUNT
"Sack" lead-in KNAP
"See ___ Run" SPOT
"Shoo!" SKAT
"Things aren't always what they ___" SEEM
1970s Chevy subcompact VEGA
61-Across, in the present tense ARISE
A couple of trees ORANGECHRISTMAS
A founder of Time LUCE
Abrupt CURT
Add sound effects DUB
Airline predictions (Abbr.) ETAS
All-purpose adhesive roll DUCTTAPE
Angler's need REEL
Attack vigorously ASSAIL
Bullfighter's garment CAPE
Churchill or Nixon sign VEE
City shrouded in mystery? TURIN
Convex molding OVOLO
Cornmeal cake PONE
Coupe cousin SEDAN
Damaged beyond repair RUINED
Decorative flap on a garment LAPPET
Denim pioneer Strauss LEVI
Fiery horse STEED
Film critic Ebert ROGER
Find new actors for RECAST
Foreign Legion cap KEPI
Frog advances LEAPS
Give off, as an odor EMIT
Iridescent gem PEARL
Kind of ring or swing MOOD
Large, sweet, juicy fruit UGLI
Largest volcano in Europe ETNA
Learning facility SCHOOL
Clues Answers
Links prop TEE
Longtime Chinese chairman MAO
Mature like a mango RIPEN
Meat case choices VEALS
Middle measurement WAIST
Mild, yellow Dutch cheese EDAM
More than miffed IRATE
Neck and neck EVEN
One who imitates APER
Pea holders PODS
Prizefight ending, often KAYO
Promotional excess HYPE
Psychoanalysis subject EGO
Quid ___ quo PRO
Shakespearean "shucks" ALACK
Sharp attack of emotion THROE
Slant unfairly SKEW
Soft palate projection UVULA
Some wings ELLS
Spa offering SAUNA
State under oath AVOW
Steel fibers used as an abrasive WIREWOOL
Still-life pitchers EWERS
Stopped lying? AROSE
They go back and forth in the woods SAWS
Three more trees APPLEDOGWOODELM
Ticket price category ADULT
Top-of-the-line AONE
Type of insurance DENTAL
Unadulterated PURE
Viennese center? ENS
Visitor to Siam ANNA
Walking pace GAIT
Walking stick CANE
Word with "stick" or "shot" SLAP
___ Gables, Fla CORAL
___ out a living (making do) EKING