L.A. Times Daily - Nov 24 2015

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Clues Answers
"Thank you __, ma'am" KINDLY
"The Taming of the __" SHREW
Alter, as a pet SPAY
Anna of "True Blood" PAQUIN
Antianxiety drug XANAX
Automatons ROBOTS
Ballot markings XES
Bar sign light NEON
Battery pole ANODE
Beer, to a Brit BEV
Better than expected ABOVEPAR
Big reference vols OEDS
Biked RODE
Black gem ONYX
Breeze (along) SAIL
Bring under control TAME
Brought a smile to AMUSED
Buzzers around blossoms BEES
Casino game FARO
Coif adjusted with a pick AFRO
Common conjunctions ANDS
Construction site sight CRANE
Cooler in a cooler ICE
Cornfield construction MAZE
Driver's license datum SEX
English Channel county SUSSEX
Experiences regret FEELSBAD
Formally gave up CEDED
France's Cote d'__ AZUR
Fuels (up) GASSES
Geometric truth AXIOM
Give kudos to LAUD
Go on until ENDAT
Goodnight girl of song IRENE
Hard-to-resist impulse URGE
Hardly eye-catching DRAB
HP products PCS
It's pitched at camp TENT
Clues Answers
Item on an actor's résumé ROLE
Kept tabs on from behind TAILED
Less uncertain SURER
Lipton rival NESTEA
Lucy of "Elementary" LIU
Marked down ONSALE
Neurotic toon dog REN
North-south coordinate LATITUDE
Not destroyed or lost, as an old document EXTANT
Not strict at all LAX
Pastor's abode MANSE
Peoria-to-Detroit dir ENE
Physics particle ATOM
Place for ponies STABLE
Plastic alternative PAPER
Poolside hue AQUA
Post-rehab support group ALANON
Powerful TV princess XENA
Prior prisoner, for short EXCON
Refuge in a desert OASIS
Rejoices EXULTS
Relationship __: Facebook feature STATUS
Repetitive learning technique ROTE
Republican-voting area, on an election map REDSTATE
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Security concerns LEAKS
Shoreline-altering phenomenon TIDE
Sitting Bull's tribe SIOUX
Slangy assent YEAH
Tired bowling groups? BUSHEDLEAGUES
Tired groupies? EXHAUSTEDFANS
Unconvincing excuse, probably LIE
Utah city near the Golden Spike OGDEN
Vehicle in many a Jack London story SLED
Word after clip or pop ART
Zooey's "New Girl" role JESS
__ Mahal TAJ