The Washington Post - Nov 10 2015

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Clues Answers
'50s White House nickname IKE
'Better Call Saul' network AMC
'Bye now' SEEYOU
'La Dolce ___' VITA
'Night Moves' singer Bob SEGER
Achieve a balance EVENOUT
Attack, as with snowballs PELT
Barkin on the big screen ELLEN
Bring to mind EVOKE
Cacophony DIN
Calvary letters INRI
Capital of the US (abbr.) DOL
Car mentioned in the chorus of 'American Pie' CHEVY
Chicken ___ king ALA
City bond, informally MUNI
Convert to cash REDEEM
Cover for a diamond TARP
Cover with asphalt PAVE
Deco designer of note ERTE
Develop gradually EVOLVE
Engage in smear tactics SLINGMUD
Fair-hiring inits EEO
Fidel Castro's brother RAUL
Former Disney chief Michael EISNER
Genetic material RNA
Goal for some aliens GREENCARD
Highly skilled ADEPT
Imitate a hungry dog BEG
Increase, as production STEPUP
Intense pain AGONY
Iraq's main military force until 2003 REPUBLICANGUARD
It may be required when working with a dictator STENOPAD
It's often beaten in the morning EGG
Jedi guru YODA
Jimmy's successor RONALD
Jury member PEER
Clues Answers
Just get (by) EKE
Legendary Boston Bruin Bobby ORR
Like overcast weather GRAY
Long, long time AEON
Made catcalls? MEWED
March Madness org NCAA
Miserly sort SCROOGE
More spacious ROOMIER
Move, to a real estate agent RELO
Musical talent EAR
Official political philosophy, and what the first words of 17-, 29-, and 48-Across represented in last week's voting booth PARTYLINE
Olympic speed skater Ohno APOLO
Part of the eye containing the iris UVEA
Perching place ROOST
Person calling the shots BOSS
Place of worship for many Jews REFORMSYNAGOGUE
Pop singer Estefan GLORIA
Pot starter ANTE
Punjabi believer SIKH
Puts ice on, maybe NUMBS
Quarter mile, at many tracks ONELAP
Reacted to a pun, perhaps GROANED
Reebok rival AVIA
Requirements NEEDS
Roofing material TAR
Samantha's mother on 'Bewitched' ENDORA
Scarf down EAT
Sch. in Washington Square NYU
Shoemaker Thom MCAN
Stable workers GROOMS
Take home NET
Texas flag feature LONESTAR
Ticked off IRED
Unfavorable, as reviews NEGATIVE
Velvet finish? EEN
Whoopi's role in 'The Color Purple' CELIE
Word with family or shoe TREE
Zero, at the World Cup NIL