Universal - Feb 15 2008

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Clues Answers
''Bah!'' PSHAW
''God Bless the ___'' (Lee Greenwood hit) USA
''GoodFellas'' fellas MOB
''I'm not feeling it yet'' NOPAINNOGAIN
''Post'' opposite ANTE
''That's all right'' NOHARMNOFOUL
''What have I got to lose?'' NOGUTSNOGLORY
Abbr. after a general's name, maybe RET
Acquire, as debt INCUR
Afternoon break, perhaps NAP
Anger IRE
Apprehension ANGST
Athletic shoe attachment CLEAT
Bacon order RASHER
Baltimore's ___ Harbor INNER
Barnyard mama EWE
Before, in the beginning PRE
Brightly colored parrot LORY
Bump off RUBOUT
Casino roller DIE
Champagne descriptor PALE
Chutzpah NERVE
Clog, as a drain STOPUP
Cochise, for one APACHE
Coin-based decider TOSS
Complained about the steak? BEEFED
Convalesced HEALED
Curled-lip look SNEER
Current fashions TRENDS
Cut off in layers PARE
Drive-___ THRU
Duel tools EPEES
Euripides drama MEDEA
Family docs GPS
Fertilizer compound UREA
Freeway mishap SMASHUP
Clues Answers
Gabor of ''Green Acres'' EVA
George's role on ''Cheers'' NORM
Goddess in a chariot EOS
Hebrides language ERSE
Heckle, in a way HISS
Horsefly CLEG
In a melodic style ARIOSE
Jaw-dropped look GAPE
Joins up ENROLLS
Lascivious glance LEER
Leaky tire sound SSS
Less approachable ICIER
Libido, for one URGE
Librarian's stamps DATERS
Like some destruction WANTON
Lincoln trademark BEARD
Locale of Hitchcock's window REAR
Miser's stash HOARD
Needle point? EAST
Nervous as a cat ONEDGE
Pelvis parts ILIA
Perfect place EDEN
Pot that is not in the kitchen CANNABIS
Pro team's VIP OWNER
Scour, as pots SCRUB
Sends junk e-mail SPAMS
South of the border coin PESO
String quartet member CELLO
Super's apartment number, perhaps ONEA
Syria's Zakariyah Mosque city ALEPPO
Type of clef or horn ALTO
Type of lab DNA
Violin bow coating ROSIN
What little things mean ALOT
Words with ''bed'' or ''the dogs'' GONETO
Wound healing element SCAB
___ of Good Feelings ERA
___ one's time BIDE