Wall Street Journal - Jul 6 2015 - Flip a Coin

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Clues Answers
'Away with you!' SCRAM
'Fight of the Century' loser ALI
'High Sierra' director Walsh RAOUL
'She shall be called Woman' speaker ADAM
'Your point being?' AND
2006 film nominated for seven Oscars BABEL
Abalone eater OTTER
Album that included 'Ticket to Ride' HELP
Attention getter PSSST
Attention getter AHEM
Ballerina's pivot TOE
Bank withdrawal, of a sort HEIST
Barracks array COTS
Big name in jeans LEE
Big to-do HOOHA
Birthing center worker NURSEMIDWIFE
Block letter's lack SERIF
Brewer's creations ALES
Bride of April 2011 KATEMIDDLETON
Broadway shout TAXI
Brown or Cameron JAMES
Cambridge notable DON
Central figure in statistics MEDIANVALUE
Coin flipped in the four longest Across answers DIME
Computer user's lifesaver, often UNDO
Convert into sheet music NOTATE
Coronary artery's source AORTA
Covetable to collectors RARE
DDE's alma mater USMA
Different ELSE
Digression ASIDE
Doctrine ISM
Ellipsis trio DOTS
Enthusiastically acclaim HAIL
Febreze target ODOR
Clues Answers
Great gossip DIRT
Handyman's storeroom TOOLSHED
Horizon happenings MOONSETS
Internet forum troublemaker TROLL
Invalid NULL
Its flag bears a red dragon WALES
Like the Capitol DOMED
Lillian of 'Orphans of the Storm' GISH
Magnet pair POLES
Management makeup EXECS
Meat accompaniment, to Brits VEG
Mechanical repetition ROTE
Minnesota Twins pitcher with 16 Gold Gloves KAAT
Money-making knack THEMIDASTOUCH
More, to Manuel MAS
Nest egg choices IRAS
Newport rival KOOL
Nod, perhaps ASSENT
Nonfiction category HOWTO
One-eyed 'Futurama' character LEELA
Painter Veronese PAOLO
Product (RED) co-founder BONO
River feature BEND
Sch. support groups PTAS
See 1-Down DHABI
Sound of impact? SHORTI
Suited to the urban jungle STREETSMART
Surfboard carriers SWELLS
Team owned by Nintendo MARINERS
Treats at high tea JAMTARTS
Up in the air ALOFT
Weed killers, of a sort HOERS
With 26-Down, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque setting ABU
Young salamander EFT