Wall Street Journal - Oct 5 2015 - Letter Openers

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Clues Answers
'Gracious!' DEARME
'What ___!' ('Bummer!') ADRAG
'You've gotta be kidding!' CMON
Address for a knight SIR
Barrel strips STAVES
Black sheep's sound BAABAA
Blackmailer's tactic THREAT
Bowlers and boaters HATS
Bucks' mates DOES
Bygone airline TWA
Call for NEED
Car bar AXLE
Comic Caesar of 1950s TV SID
Corporate bigwig, for short EXEC
Darling companion? PETERPAN
Designer Chanel COCO
Did a chauffeur's job DROVE
Edinburgh native SCOT
Elite Army unit specializing in rescues DELTAFORCE
Etiquette expert Post EMILY
Full of cheeky attitude SASSY
Get to one's feet STAND
Get under the skin of IRK
Give the pink slip to SACK
Give up, as a claim WAIVE
Go off script ADLIB
Good news on Wall Street RALLY
Got a good look at EYED
Grazing spot MEADOW
Hawaiian garlands LEIS
Horatio who wrote tales for boys ALGER
In the thick of AMID
Lawyer's filing BRIEF
Longest river in France LOIRE
Main ingredient of paella RICE
Obsessed captain of literature AHAB
Optimum, as a scenario BESTCASE
Outlet insert PLUG
Clues Answers
Part of a carefree song refrain TRALA
Part of a Grim Reaper costume HOOD
Pilot's guess: Abbr ETA
Pinnacle ACME
Pint at a pub ALE
Predicament SCRAPE
Prefix for physics or psychology META
Prepared to play WARMEDUP
Prerelease software trials BETATESTS
Recite the rosary PRAY
Reversal on the road UTURN
Room under the roof ATTIC
Soldier Field footballers BEARS
Star's part LEADROLE
Stockpile AMASS
Stone of 'Birdman' EMMA
Summer home for some CAMP
Summoned in the hospital, say PAGED
Swindler's con SCAM
Take the wrong way? STEAL
Tape backing ADHESIVE
They made Bruce Banner into the Hulk GAMMARAYS
They made Pinocchio's nose grow LIES
They supply hydroelectric power DAMS
Title character in a hit by the Kinks LOLA
To be, to Bizet ETRE
Top tech experts ALPHAGEEKS
Tribal emblem TOTEM
TV hookup for many CABLE
Unfounded BASELESS
Unruly hairdos MOPS
Velocity RATE
Voice below soprano ALTO
Was aware KNEW
Weak, as an excuse LAME
White Rabbit's chaser ALICE
___ mater ALMA