Wall Street Journal - Sep 3 2013 - Back to School

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Clues Answers
'A little learning is a dangerous thing,' e.g APHORISM
'Caro nome,' for one ARIA
'Convivio' poet DANTE
'The Matrix' hero NEO
'The Old Curiosity Shop' orphan NELL
'The Planets' composer HOLST
Alaskan city KODIAK
Amassed RANUP
Architect's extension ELL
Baseball family surname ALOU
Bejeweled hammers, day-glo wrenches and the like? TOOLKITSCH
Big name in computer-based audio hardware MOTU
Brand whose logo is four overlapping rings AUDI
Brief appearance CAMEO
Buddy PAL
Capt.'s aide ENS
Cockroach in Don Marquis stories ARCHY
Compared to THAN
Criticize severely RIP
D.C. baseballer, for short NAT
Designer Gucci ALDO
Diner fixtures GRILLS
Diving position TUCK
Drum part SNARE
Early stage EMBRYO
Educ. site appended to this puzzle's theme answers SCH
Fertility clinic stock OVA
Frame jobs SETUPS
Fredric's 'Anna Karenina' co-star GRETA
George's 'I Got Rhythm' collaborator IRA
Gutter setting EAVES
Hardly ruddy SALLOW
Have a hankering LONG
His ___ (cribbage jack) NOBS
Improvise musically VAMP
Inflicter of injustices WRONGER
Clues Answers
Iodine source KELP
Just about ALMOST
Manning of the Giants ELI
Matching threads ENSEMBLE
Math comparison RATIO
Mob pariah RAT
Much-used article THE
Neighborhood AREA
Nicole's co-star in 'Australia' HUGH
Not nude CLAD
Objective END
One of 840 in Central Park ACRE
Overthrow attempt that's ruined? SHOTPUTSCH
Owner of Flickr and Tumblr YAHOO
Perfect place EDEN
Pre-faded and tattered, as jeans DISTRESSED
Prevalent RIFE
Prima donna's problem VANITY
Purplish fruit SLOE
Raises seals? EMBOSSES
Reasons against a course of action CONS
Roll call answer HERE
Roman emperor after Galba OTHO
Signal from the curb HAIL
Small and delicate ELFIN
Something to settle SCORE
Sought by MPs, maybe AWOL
Stage direction ENTER
Story about a decent, honorable computer builder? OFMICEANDMENSCH
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program issuances FOODSTAMPS
Surrender a second time RELOSE
Take full advantage of MILK
Tangle up ENMESH
Taxi door listing RATE
Time of financial need, metaphorically RAINYDAY
Trite saying SAW
Victorious cry IWON
Word to the pourer WHEN