Wall Street Journal - Aug 19 2013 - Getting Around NYC

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Clues Answers
'Coffee ___?' (host's offering) ORTEA
2005 Emmy winner for Drama Series LOST
Additions on guests' bills ROOMTAXES
Aileron attachments TRIMTABS
Atlas expanses SEAS
Auto pioneer Karl BENZ
Ballot markings XES
Battery components TESTS
Believer in the sun god Kon-Tiki INCA
Bohr study ATOM
Boo-boo OUCHIE
Britain's poet laureate from 1692 to 1715 NAHUMTATE
Caribbean shade AQUA
Casting need ROD
Co. headquartered at Black Rock CBS
Couch potato's godsend TIVO
Crusader's foe SARACEN
Cut carefully PRUNE
Device made obsolete by the smartphone PDA
Dispatches SENDS
Displaying passion ARDENT
Draft org SSS
Easy gait TROT
Fighting fowl COCKS
Filled pastry crust topped with fruit CREAMTART
Flame setting WICK
Floorboard fastener BRAD
Foldable furniture COT
Fortuneteller's address, often MADAME
Goes a round BOXES
Greatest part BULK
Hankering ITCH
Has a premiere OPENS
Home to billions ASIA
Humerus setting ARM
Idiosyncratic journalism style GONZO
Killer whale's cousin GRAMPUS
Clues Answers
King Tupou VI's nation TONGA
Legal orders WRITS
Like some yogurt FROZEN
Literary device TROPE
Make baby food, perhaps PUREE
Metacarpal setting HAND
Monastery head ABBOT
Netanyahu's party LIKUD
North Carolina university ELON
Offend PIQUE
Org. that moves New Yorkers, found in six other Across answers MTA
Overcharges but good SOAKS
Palate projection UVULA
Passion ZEAL
Patches up DARNS
Rotating furniture item DRUMTABLE
Russell Crowe's 'Gladiator' role MAXIMUS
Salmon yield ROE
Sandra's 'Speed' co-star KEANU
Sean of 'The Lord of the Rings' ASTIN
Seaweed product AGAR
Site of a famed landing MTARARAT
Spring or Canal, e.g STREET
Stain BLOT
Take it easy LAZE
The Pont Neuf crosses it SEINE
The whole enchilada ALL
Unit at Tiffany's CARAT
Unpretentious instrument KAZOO
USN rank CPO
View from the boardwalk OCEAN
Walter's Tony-winning role in 'The Odd Couple' OSCAR
Wanted poster name ALIAS
Went belly up FAILED
Woodland youngster FAWN
Work wk. end FRI
___ one's brain (think hard) WRACK
___ pro nobis ORA
___-mo SLO