Wall Street Journal - Jun 4 2012 - Around the Bend

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Clues Answers
'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.' author BLUME
'Beat it!' SCOOT
'Cimarron' studio RKO
'Johnny B. Goode' singer BERRY
'New Look' designer DIOR
Alleviated EASED
Apartment door feature DEADBOLT
Atlantic catch COD
Aunt, in Acapulco TIA
Baja break SIESTA
Batted first LEDOFF
Blissful spot EDEN
Book, informally READ
Bourbon Street legend ALHIRT
Burdened beast ASS
Chihuahua chum AMIGO
Civil injustice TORT
Cutty ___ (Scotch brand) SARK
Daydreamer STARGAZER
Deg. division MIN
Dime depiction TORCH
Dirty digs STY
Dog who went into space aboard Sputnik 2 LAIKA
Drama performed on a curtainless stage NOH
Dress (up) TOG
Dropped fly, e.g ERROR
Drops on the fairway DEW
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Eldest March sister MEG
Envelope abbr MRS
Fairway flanker ROUGH
Fans of a certain Fox series GLEEKS
General Robert ___ ELEE
Gerald Ford's birthplace OMAHA
Gold unit OUNCE
Half of a figure eight ESS
In wide circulation ABROAD
Clues Answers
Infante of the Marlins OMAR
Inside scheme DECOR
Landlord's income RENTS
Livy's land TERRA
Love letter letters SWAK
Makes hard to read, in a way ENCIPHERS
Man of many words ROGET
Mother board?: Abbr PTA
Muesli bit OAT
Not achromatic HUED
Nuke, maybe REWARM
Once in a while SELDOM
Ordinarily ASARULE
Play group? LEAGUE
Reduces to rubble RAZES
Robust HARDY
Roof part RIDGE
Salad start GREENS
Shoelace problems KNOTS
Southern pronoun YALL
Spanish chaperone DUENNA
Stat for Mariano Rivera ERA
Steak cut named for a New York restaurant DELMONICO
Supported WASFOR
Take off a wool coat SHEAR
Take, in a way CHEAT
Texas sch RICEU
The nation's capital? USDOLLARS
Thees' companions THOUS
Tina Turner's 'I Want You ___' NEARME
Unchanged SAME
Wafflers brand EGGO
Walking tall? ONSTILTS
What the shaded bends in this grid represent STREETCORNERS
Where the heart is CHEST
Zen goal ONENESS
___ Schwarz (New York toy store) FAO