Wall Street Journal - Nov 7 2011 - Taking In the City

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Clues Answers
'Don't mince words!' SAYIT
'Hold your horses!' NOTYET
'Runaround Sue' singer DION
'Take all but one of the exact copies--your choice'? LEAVEMEANYCLONE
'Take ___ from me' ATIP
1950s Ethel Waters sitcom BEULAH
1978's 'Damien: ___' OMENII
2004 #1 hit for OutKast HEYYA
A statue of him stands in Times Square COHAN
Abatements LETUPS
Ashcroft's predecessor RENO
Author whose Bronx cottage is a historical site POE
Award-winning performers in 'Les Miz'? FRENCHTONYCAST
Banks of Chicago ERNIE
Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Labine CLEM
Bubbly name MOET
Connecticut collegian ELI
Designer Schiaparelli ELSA
Detriment HARM
Does something knotty MACRAMES
Drink special in an electronics giant's cafeteria? SONYCUPOFTHEDAY
Employee protection agcy OSHA
Entrepreneur's start IDEA
Environmentally protected parts of Staten Island WETLANDS
Fellow GENT
First cars, often TOYS
Flowery, perhaps POETIC
Gather REAP
Get the drop on? BEDEW
Haunted house sound MOAN
Heparin's targets CLOTS
Honolulu howdy ALOHA
Item found in a shell OAR
Jets set? ELEVEN
Job for the Giants' Steve Weatherford PUNT
Keystone character KOP
Land development? CAMERA
Clues Answers
Language that gives us 'nabob' URDU
Lowest high tide NEAP
Make a bold move in a poker game GOALLIN
Mayflower mover SAIL
Member of the opposition ANTI
Mother of Hermes MAIA
Native New Yorker ERIE
No longer stocking OUTOF
Notes from abroad EUROS
Old news source CRIER
Open-sea catches TUNAS
Palooka LUG
Perimeter defenses MOATS
Pique performance SNIT
Ready to serve DONE
Request for permission MAYI
Rollicking good time BLAST
Sandwich in a lunchbox OREO
Sawbones DOC
Seasonal helper ELF
Soothe a scrawny Siamese in a cradle? ROCKTHEBONYCAT
Sour sort CYNIC
Specialties METIERS
Speckled steed ROAN
Stat for A.J. Burnett ERA
Streamlined, in brand names AERO
Superman's mom LARA
Take in SNARE
The Dalai Lama, for one EXILE
Towel embroidery HIS
Umpteen MANY
Wife of King Tyndareus LEDA
Work like ___ ADOG
Work wk. start MON
Yucatan people MAYA