New York Times - Nov 13 2015

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Clues Answers
'Starry Night Over the ___' (van Gogh painting) RHONE
Animal symbolizing anger in Buddhism TIGER
Arranges RIGS
Await PEND
Awards ceremony since 1993 ESPYS
Backgammon variant in which rolling a 1-2 is beneficial ACEYDEUCY
Clodhopper, e.g SHOE
Coachman's handful HORSEWHIP
Conforms (to) ADHERES
Cry often heard after 'That's it!' IQUIT
Diane Sawyer's actual first name LILA
Duelists of old FENCERS
Early lesson ABCS
Engine displacement unit LITER
First Super Bowl to be called 'Super Bowl' III
Fit well, so as hardly to be noticed BLENDEDIN
Flamenco sound CLAP
Flat fish MANTA
Gambling opponent HOUSE
Garden interloper PEST
Given a raw deal SHAFTED
Go from point A to point B? DIGRESS
Gooey treat SMORE
Green-hatted Nintendo character LUIGI
Hands-on sites? HIPS
Hospital meal accompanier DOSE
How devastating insults are felt ACUTELY
Ingredient in five-spice powder ANISE
Ironic items to steal ALARMS
Is repelled by HATES
Line of women's clothing? SHOULDERSTRAP
Metropolis misidentification ITSAPLANE
Clues Answers
Moniker for #16 HONESTABE
More than surprised AGHAST
N.B.A. on ___ (sports staple since 1989) TNT
Newsroom post DESK
Nice extra FILLIP
Observes the Muslim day of Ashura FASTS
Orrery components ORBS
People who are under a lot of pressure Deepseadivers
Performer of the 2001 Oscar-nominated song 'May It Be' ENYA
Pod : whale :: raft : ___ OTTER
Product whose jingle was based on the 1923 hit 'Barney Google' RICEARONI
Proofer's direction STET
Ready if needed ONTAP
Road rage catalyst HORN
Sacks CANS
Shows signs of life STIRS
Sideshow oddity GEEK
Snowman in 2013's 'Frozen' OLAF
Software package SUITE
Soldier in the Battle of Helm's Deep ORC
South African game GNUS
Sphere REALM
SpongeBob SquarePants lives inside one PINEAPPLE
Standard of negotiation WHITEFLAG
The 'E' of the old NY&E Rail Road ERIE
Time unit ISSUE
Trig ratios SINES
Unsettling CREEPY
Valuable deposits LODES
Vicar of Christ, more familiarly POPE
Visibly nervous AQUIVER
Wine of the palomino grape SHERRY
Words before taking a shot? SAYCHEESE