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Clues Answers
'-- have thought it?' WHOD
'Anne of Green Gables' novelist Lucy -- Montgomery MAUD
'For cryin' out loud!' YEESH
'Hmm ... yes' ISEE
'Mary -- Little Lamb' HADA
'Winnie-the-Pooh' author AAMILNE
-- about (near) ONOR
-- Field (Mets' home) CITI
-- out (barely earns) EKES
1976 title film role for Robby Benson BILLYJOE
67-Down, for one TREE
Acacia relative MIMOSA
Actor Gary COLEMAN
Actor Romero NED
Aesir god ODIN
Alley- -- OOP
Animated bug film ANTZ
Apparel ATTIRE
Arduous hike TREK
Article-preceding summary HEADNOTE
Artist Rousseau HENRI
Awful smell STENCH
Barbera's partner in cartoons HANNA
Baseball's Martinez TINO
Bee or ant INSECT
Bishop, e.g PRELATE
Bluesy James ETTA
Carlisle of the Go-Go's BELINDA
Cat Nation tribe ERIE
Catholic bigwigs POPES
Coffee option DECAF
Confined, with 'up' PENT
Couscous alternative QUINOA
Crescent-shaped LUNATE
Demolish RAZE
Diamond shape RHOMBUS
Dinner piece PLATE
E. -- (gut bacteria) COLI
End of the instruction ELSEWHEREINTHEANSWER
Everything considered INALL
Film units REELS
Get clothed ENROBE
Gin-and-lime cocktails RICKEYS
Go via sea SAIL
Have -- (know someone with clout) ANIN
Have a thought IDEATE
Hit on the bean BOPPED
Ho-hum BLAH
Ho-hum SOSO
Huge time unit EON
Incline SLANT
Indirect route BYPATH
Inopportune UNTIMELY
Instruction, part 2 SQUAREWRITEIN
Instruction, part 3 THEONLYLETTEROF
Instruction, part 4 THEALPHABETTHAT
Instruction, part 5 DOESNOTAPPEAR
It's a sign OMEN
It's hung and hit at fiesta PINATA
Jack of early late-night TV PAAR
Clues Answers
Jannings of old films EMIL
Kitchen appliance brand AMANA
Knitting stitch PURL
Lambaste WALLOP
Lead-in to spore ENDO
Lit candle bit WICK
Lost traction SLID
Mall stands KIOSKS
Marks of distinction CACHETS
Mata -- HARI
Material for some cans TIN
Merger, e.g DEAL
Mississippi senator Cochran THAD
Model Schiffer CLAUDIA
More timid MEEKER
Musical talk RAP
NFL goals TDS
One all, e.g TIED
One of the deadly sins ENVY
Onion's kin SHALLOT
Open a bit AJAR
Opens, as a gas tank UNCAPS
Pâté de -- gras FOIE
Personal quirks TICS
Plaza Hotel girl of kid-lit ELOISE
Pollination organs ANTHERS
Put to use UTILIZE
Reindeer herders' region LAPLAND
Resell tickets SCALP
Revered one IDOL
Rome's land, in France ITALIE
Santa -- (some winds) ANAS
Scattered, as seeds STREWN
Scottish estate owner LAIRD
See 62-Across LYME
See 97-Down SATIE
Shamrock's land ERIN
Shilly-shally SEESAW
Shines and smooths SLEEKS
Skating jump LUTZ
Sock variety ANKLET
Solder, say WELD
Start of an instruction INTHISPUZZLESCENTRAL
Steamers, e.g CLAMS
Streetcars TRAMS
Taboo thing NONO
Team novice ROOKIE
Terrif SOCKO
Tobacco pipes HOOKAHS
Truck fuel DIESEL
TV actress Anderson LONI
Two-footed BIPEDAL
Unhearing DEAF
Venus, just before dawn DAYSTAR
Vessel with a bag, maybe TEACUP
Vibraphonist Jackson MILT
Warrant ASSURE
Weak type WIMP
Weeper of Greek myth NIOBE
With 41-Down, town near New London, Connecticut EAST
With 71-Across, French avant-garde composer ERIK
Zap, as leftovers NUKE