Universal - Nov 8 2015

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Clues Answers
"Cogito ___ sum" ERGO
"Dream on!" ASIF
"Go on ..." AND
Aardvark's diet ANTS
Absorbed RAPT
Add, as weight PUTON
Advantageous to all WINWIN
Barbecue side dish SLAW
Barely beats NIPS
Be excessive OVERDO
Book club choices NOVELS
Changes text EMENDS
City south of Tampa SARASOTA
Dead center? MORGUE
Deciduous ornamental shrub ABELIA
Devoured ATE
Do the wrong thing ERR
Drama division ACT
Dweller on 29-Down MINOAN
French cubist painter Fernand LEGER
French soldier's cap KEPI
Functioned as WAS
Fuss in a Shakespeare title ADO
Gamboling place LEA
George of the Jungle's sidekick APE
Hero's horse STEED
Hired gun ASSASSIN
Home of the Cornhuskers NEBRASKA
Home of the Minotaur CRETE
Hostess' service TEASET
Howard of "Happy Days" RON
Ice-hockey need SKATE
In fashion TRENDY
In one's right mind SANE
It could gird a geisha OBI
Joint inflammation GOUT
Kind of talk IDLE
Clues Answers
Lending letters APR
Like Cheerios OATEN
Like Princeton's walls IVIED
Like some fingerprints LATENT
Make edging lace TAT
Many an heir SON
Many's the time OFTEN
More pretentious ARTIER
Noisy door closing SLAM
One not to be trusted BLATANTLIAR
Open to a bribe VENAL
P, on a fraternity jacket RHO
Persona ___ grata NON
Place to dwell ABODE
Poetic tribute ODE
Polygraph failer TELLEROFTALES
Ready to spit bullets ENRAGED
Rhyming verses POETRY
Send on a detour REROUTE
Small farm building SHED
Something to look up to SKY
Spain and Portugal IBERIA
State fair prize RIBBON
Symbol of sovereignty ORB
They're checked at airports IDS
Thrilla in Manila boxer ALI
Time's partner AGAIN
TKO decider REF
Utmost or extreme (Abbr.) ULT
Well-preserved king TUT
What polygraphs detect LIES
Word with drum or guitar STEEL
Work with dots? CONNECT
World Poker Tour payment ANTE
Worth praising LAUDABLE
Young's partner in accounting ERNST