The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 7 2015

Clues Answers
Alleged rent negotiated with hard cash LEGALTENDER
Artist's best work MASTERPIECE
Aviator PILOT
Backward current EDDY
Bother from loud American sailors initially FUSS
Carped about military police officer REDCAP
Central American republic HONDURAS
Chinese religion TAOISM
Circle's spokes RADII
Country has moved round internally HONDURAS
Device for checking whether a surface is horizontal SPIRITLEVEL
Direct alternative media item IMMEDIATE
Dress designer COUTURIER
Dress designer you French held by messenger COUTURIER
Each one ALL
Eastern pal penning an issue EMANATE
False set turned violent, gaining energy DENTURE
False tooth on a frame DENTURE
Fearing the worst PESSIMISTIC
Female rabbit DOE
Flowing molten rock LAVA
I'd air differences to produce spokes in a circle RADII
Clues Answers
Instant MOMENT
Isle west of Mull IONA
Male feline TOMCAT
Military police officer REDCAP
Ode about rabbit DOE
One on a Scottish island IONA
Orange tongue? MANDARIN
Part of haul, a valuable molten rock LAVA
Presuming the worst spice is swirling round haze PESSIMISTIC
Religion aims to conform TAOISM
Second people to enter car test MOMENT
Small orange MANDARIN
Story about single flyer PILOT
Study meeting TUTORIAL
Tact no use from mouse – perhaps he'll catch it! TOMCAT
Teacher with a bit of a great work MASTERPIECE
Teaching period to break out in test TUTORIAL
The wallet contains everything ALL
Tool to get even with drink SPIRITLEVEL
Unduly push through American train track RAILROAD
US train track RAILROAD
Valid currency LEGALTENDER
Whirlpool rips head from cuddly toy EDDY