New York Times - Nov 5 2015

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Clues Answers
'Am I the only one ...?' ISITME
'How ___!' ODD
'I'm right here, you know' AHEM
'Maybe' ILLSEE
'Them' FOE
-: Abbr NEG
Accepts BUYS
Address book replacer, for short PDA
Admits defeat CRIESUNCLE
Application to fill out FORM
Baker's qty DOZ
Bar entertainment? LIMBO
Beast of Borden ELSIE
Big hits: Abbr HRS
Big record label in 1960s pop ATCO
Book after Joel AMOS
Bunny's beau HEF
Classic cars REOS
Column base PLINTH
Column that's beside the point? TENTHS
Company, e.g UNIT
Divine being ... or a hint to 17-, 31- and 48-Across HIGHERPOWER
Effeminate FEY
Egg container OVARY
Election night abbr PCT
First name in German politics ANGELA
For people? AYES
Gets smart with SASSES
Go with DATE
Greek matchmaker EROS
Groundbreaking 1970s sitcom ALLIEFAMILY
Grp. concerned with class struggles? PTA
Heads of the black community? AFROS
How a dud goes PFFT
Ingenuous one NAIF
It may be waved at the Olympics EPEE
It's found all around the world OZONELAYER
John Peter ___, early American publisher and free press champion ZENGER
Just before the deadline ELEVEHOUR
Clues Answers
Lemonlike TART
Locale in Exodus NILE
Logical extremes? ELS
Mail abbr RTE
Many camcorder recordings HOMEVIDEOS
Missouri birthplace of Harry Truman LAMAR
Mother of Selene THEA
Move on or off the runway TAXI
One of 'us' ALLY
Opening on Wall St IPO
Opera with the 'Willow Song' OTELLO
Org. associated with MPAA
Original D&D co TSR
Part of B.C.E ERA
People eater, perhaps OGRE
Point beyond which light cannot escape from a black hole EVEORIZON
Practical joke JAPE
Pride of Boston, informally SOX
Protracted LONG
Punchers for a belt AWLS
Put on AIR
Sarcastic response to a dreaded task OHFUN
Scorer of 1,281 goals in 1,363 games PELE
Short negligee, for short CAMI
Small-runway craft, in brief STOL
Strand, in a way ENISLE
Supermarket section DELI
Three of a kind, in Texas hold'em SET
Threesome in a quarter MONTHS
Time to start walking, maybe AGEONE
Travolta's 'Saturday Night Fever' role MANERO
Triumphant shout YAY
U.S. soldiers, in slang GIJOES
Up to, informally TIL
Was anti-weed? HOED
Where many emerging markets can be found ASIA
Word following Kansas or Oklahoma CITY
___ Anne's (pretzel company) AUNTIE