Universal - Oct 31 2015

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Clues Answers
"All systems go!" READY
"American Idol" contestant Clay AIKEN
"Cool" amount MIL
"Prima Ballerina" artist DEGAS
"Sesame Street" regular OSCAR
Absorbed RAPT
According to ASPER
Added attractions EXTRAS
Aggravate IRK
Airline to Chile LAN
Airport listing, for short ETA
Amend 40-Across REMAP
Ballroom activity SAMBA
Bars for guitars CAPOS
Be content with, as one's laurels RESTON
Belafonte or Lewis SHARI
Big Aussie bird EMU
Book containing legends ATLAS
British flying grp RAF
Brownish-gray color TAUPE
Calendar abbr AUG
Cascades peak SHASTA
Chablis, for one WINE
Circulatory trunk AORTA
Cleans up text EDITS
Closest or farthest orbit point APSIS
Coarse metal files RASPS
Consume eagerly EATUP
Depth charge target UBOAT
Disorderly crowd MOB
Do housework CLEAN
Do private eye work SPY
Enjoy Aspen SKI
Event with a pinata FIESTA
Flop of a firecracker DUD
Geyser emission STEAM
Clues Answers
Gong in an orchestra set TAMTAM
Guerrero and others PEDROS
Hoity-toity attitude AIRS
Hosiery annoyance SNAG
K-12 grp PTA
Lace tips AGLETS
Looked like a villain SNEERED
Makes an attempt TRIES
Mistreats ABUSES
Moon stages PHASES
More remorseful SORRIER
Nancy Drew's beau NED
Not obvious SUBTLE
One with high hopes ASPIRER
One-celled creatures (Var.) AMEBAE
Opportunity, in slang SHOT
Places to darken? TANNINGBEDS
San Diego pro CHARGER
Satisfies SATES
Seventh inning event STRETCH
Shipping protections BUBBLEPACKS
Short-tailed weasel STOAT
Sidekick, south of the border AMIGO
Sine's reciprocal, briefly COSEC
Some toy dogs POODLES
Something that can be bro kin? SIS
Stork's delivery BABY
Stretch of shrubbery HEDGE
The Hulk's catalyst ANGER
Throwing a party PLAYINGHOST
Use the keyboard again RETYPE
Used car deal, e.g RESALE
Used inelegant language SWORE
Valuable rock ORE
Vertical reference line on a graph YAXIS
___ fly (RBI earner) SAC
___ point (example) CASEIN