- Feb 3 2008

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Clues Answers
''1 vs. 100'' host SAGET
''Suit of lights'' wearer BULLFIGHTER
''Swell!'' NEATO
''Where America's Day Begins'' GUAM
'90s Emmy-winning drama LALAW
A bit foolish DIPPY
According to PER
Actor Omar EPPS
Aligns TRUES
Amber origin RESIN
Antagonist ENEMY
Architect Saarinen EERO
Arnaz of TV DESI
Artist/inventor MORSE
At any time EVER
Auction handout PADDLE
Baseball great Ralph KINER
Batter's stat. RBI
Be anxious FRET
Be confident of KNOW
Bent out of shape WARPED
Bessemer-converter owners STEELMAKERS
Big book TOME
Brightness measures IQTESTS
Buzz Aldrin's real first name EDWIN
Capris, for example PANTS
Carpet quality NAP
Cease to be seen LEAVE
Ceased to be seen DISAPPEARED
Cleverness WITS
Cocoon contents PUPA
Comics cry EEK
Concerns CARES
Cooper character UNCAS
Crowd shouts CHANTS
Derisive shout HOOT
Desert formation DUNE
Dionne Warwick tune of '64 WALKONBY
Dog star LASSIE
Eminent NOTED
Epoch ERA
Essential point MEAT
Everyone, to Étienne TOUTLEMONDE
Fancy flapjack CREPE
Far from engaged ALOOF
Fictional daydreamer MITTY
Fresh talk SASS
Getting mileage out of USING
Herring relative SHAD
Horse color DAPPLEGRAY
Implied GOTAT
Implored PLED
Indicate agreement NOD
Jazz pianist COREA
Kept a low profile HID
Large slipknots NOOSES
Leaf collectors RAKES
Legislative lounges CLOAKROOMS
Let out early PAROLED
Levels and bevels TOOLS
Lively debates CROSSFIRES
Lodging places ROOSTS
Lost deliberately THREW
Made a decision RULED
Make a mess of MISDO
Makes angry IRES
Makes lighter EASES
Mascara applicators WANDS
Mild oath HOLYCOW
Milk, in Milan LATTE
Clues Answers
Mini-map INSET
Minor mistake GOOF
Miserable state UNHAPPINESS
Misfortunes ILLS
More reasoned SANER
Mystic glow AURA
NASCAR ''500'' site DAYTONA
Nation north of Chile PERU
NATO member USA
Nautical assents AYES
Nightclub in a Manilow tune COPA
Nonspeaking Disney toon DUMBO
Obliterate ERASE
Ocean predator ORCA
One giving testimony EYEWITNESS
One way to cook SAUTE
Oracular DELPHIC
Oscar winner Arkin ALAN
Packed away ATE
Painting the town ONASPREE
Petro-Canada competitor ESSO
Pharynx GULLET
Physicist Mach ERNST
Places of refuge ARKS
Poet Rossetti DANTE
Poker declaration IMOUT
Pro Bowl org. NFL
Production goal QUOTA
Put together differently REDO
Really moved RACED
Recent USNA grad ENS
Reynolds buyer of 2000 ALCOA
Right-angle shapes ELLS
Run off for romance ELOPE
Safe place HAVEN
Sampling invitation HAVESOME
Scalawags KNAVES
Sending invoices to BILLING
Sgts., for instance NCOS
Ship poles SPARS
Showed attentiveness SATUP
Speak with a Jersey accent? MOO
Speaks well of COMPLIMENTS
Start of something big? MEGA
Tach reading REVS
Talent scout's rave review CANTMISS
Threw in ADDED
Toads' abodes PONDS
Toledo's lake ERIE
Tom Sawyer's half-brother SID
Tough problem POSER
Tour-book recommendation MOTEL
Tried to catch PAGED
Trig function SINE
Try to catch LURE
Tubular instrument OBOE
Turnpike charges TOLLS
Twangy-sounding NASAL
Vacant land LOTS
Wasn't forthright LIED
Web-address starter HTTP
White wine SOAVE
Widening of marketing venues ADCREEP
Will set you back COSTS
Wishes undone RUES
Word-processor command SAVE
Writer Loos ANITA
Yacht spot SEA
Young dolphin CALF
__ cholesterol SERUM