Universal - Jan 30 2008

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Clues Answers
''La Vita Nuova'' poet DANTE
''Teenage ___'' (Ricky Nelson) IDOL
30 minutes of football HALF
Ancient musical instrument LYRE
Baby duster TALC
Beehive State UTAH
Bouquet AROMA
Cacophony DIN
Casino lures SLOTS
Certain carol singer ALTO
Certain caterpillars INCHWORMS
Certain spread MUSTARD
Check casher PAYEE
Class-conscious grp.? PTA
Clerk of classic TV RADAR
Comparison standard YARDSTICK
Constituents ELEMENTS
Decline in value SAG
Diamond decision CALL
Door hardware HASP
Drew's antagonist MIMI
Dud on wheels LEMON
Egyptian symbols of life ANKHS
Element in some lamps HALOGEN
Ex-senior, briefly GRAD
Extract venom from MILK
Fathers SIRES
Follow protocol OBEY
Free of mistakes EMEND
Gallivant TRAIPSE
Greece's foe in ''The Iliad'' TROY
Hearth heap ASHES
Historic 1836 site ALAMO
Interrogates relentlessly PUMPS
It's prominently displayed on Leno CHIN
Jazz composition with a fast rhythm STOMP
Land o' blarney ERIN
Let go from work IDLED
Lid irritation STYE
Clues Answers
Like a divorce, in some places TABOO
Like a mansion STATELY
Lorelei's river RHINE
Newborn's need NAME
Obedience school order SIT
Old Ford LTD
Otherwise ELSE
Palliates EASES
Perron part STEP
Physical prefix META
Play to the camera MUG
Pogo, for one POSSUM
Procreate BEGET
Public-house potable ALE
Pull down EARN
Raised fiber NAP
Reporter's tote NOTEPAD
Scandinavian metropolis OSLO
Serving blunder FOOTFAULT
Side in a 1980s war IRAN
Significant event MILESTONE
Slough SHED
Solid residue of tobacco smoke TAR
Southeast Asia country LAOS
Spanish or Western dish OMELET
Subject of Golden's ''Memoirs'' GEISHA
Switch sides DEFECT
Tibetan monk LAMA
Tierra ___ Fuego DEL
TV installment EPISODE
Type of panel SOLAR
Type of run TYING
Uzbekistan capital TASHKENT
Wait partner SEE
Walk in the surf WADE
Where people and rats coexist LAB
Winglike ALAR
Work the bar TEND
Yule trio MAGI