USA Today - Oct 18 2015

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Clues Answers
"___ goes nothing!" HERE
Actor Aykroyd DAN
Amtrak track RAIL
And others, for short ETAL
Antler parts TINES
Assembly of church elders SYNOD
Bashful coworker? DOC
Beats by a hair NIPS
Beef unit SIDE
Bicycle spokes, e.g RADII
Big name in thesauruses ROGET
Book after Joel AMOS
Brilliant notion IDEA
Calls, in poker SEES
Caricatured APED
Casting requirement? FLYROD
Clarified butter, in India GHEE
Classic color for stationery ECRU
Colored eye part IRIS
Common dog name ROVER
Daydreamer's drawings DOODLES
Downfalls BANES
Dry gully, out west ARROYO
Fixed a squeak OILED
Floor for Atlantis? OCEAN
French love AMOUR
French soldier's hat KEPI
Go on the warpath, verbally RANT
Great Olympic scores TENS
Happen again REOCCUR
Highlander GAEL
Highway beneath the tracks UNDERPASS
Horse's mom MARE
In need of patching WORN
Clues Answers
Is not 100% AILS
Jewel from the sea PEARL
Kin of 23-Across YELP
Kins' partners KITHS
Land of the leprechauns ERIN
Like milk all over the counter (var.) SPILT
Loser to a fabled tortoise HARE
Make a tear in RIP
Mammal that's not really a bear PANDA
Mends, as bones SETS
Neighbor of a Laotian THAI
Nest high above the ground AERIE
Nettle RILE
Not at home AWAY
One who gets what's coming? SEER
One's partner? ONLY
One-on-one combat DUEL
Pacific tuber TARO
Posse members DEPUTIES
Puppy complaint YAP
Related maternally ENATE
Restored photo, perhaps SEPIA
Sewer critters RATS
Spectacular star NOVA
Sudan's ___ Desert NUBIAN
Tossed skyward UPCAST
Tree worshipper DRUID
Trooper's start PARA
University instructor, briefly PROF
Unnerving and spooky EERIE
Uses a Taser on STUNS
With an unexplained military absence AWOL
Woman's wear DRESS
___ in a lifetime ONCE
___ Quixote DON
___ Ridge, TN OAK