- Oct 17 2015

Clues Answers
''Eugene Onegin'' soprano TATYANA
''Ghost'' guy SAM
''Nome di sei papi'' PAOLO
1968 Michener travelogue IBERIA
1970s dollar-coin honoree, for short DDE
1995 ''SNL'' departure NEALON
61 Across character MCCOY
Adage omen derived from Matthew 16 REDSKY
Amman-to-Damascus dir NNE
Approaching NEAR
Be conspicuous TURNHEADS
Bigger picture, briefly ENL
Chick hatched by its father EMU
Crazy Horse or Red Cloud OGLALA
Darwin subject ADAPTATION
Destiny shapers, to some YINANDYANG
FL billboards display their current wait times ERS
Flour, for instance STAPLE
Food processor CANNER
Fortune's ''Most Innovative Company,'' 1995-2000 ENRON
Franchise turning 50 next year STARTREK
Game or place with flushes LOO
Goldenrod backdrop LEA
Hard part of physics CEE
It bought CrashPadder in 2012 AIRBNB
Its 1994 round covered intellectual property for the first time GATT
Its clock has read 10:30 since 2013 CNOTE
Keep from DENY
Lock protection RAINHAT
Lost manuscript debated by bardolaters URHAMLET
Mayan calendar symbol GLYPH
Metered dose delivery system INHALER
Milton's ''sage and serious Poet'' SPENSER
Clues Answers
Moat wall ESCARP
Nautical direction ASHORE
Needle holders TONEARMS
Not under the table SEEN
One creating menus WEBMASTER
Perspicacious ACUTE
Plumbing nuisance SLUDGE
Postal Service parcel measure GIRTH
Prague premiere of 1921 RUR
Professional org. that publishes ''What Would Florence Do?'' ANA
Reduces the lead of GAINSON
Role for Brando, Burton and Burr ANTONY
Seatless transport TBAR
Singer named for the Count of Monte Cristo EDAMES
Site of Sergeant York's heroics ARGONNE
Small-screen gasp OMG
Smile descriptor RADIANT
Soften ALLAY
Some bridal shop selections TIARAS
Son of Ares PHOBOS
Still out UNRISEN
Strapped NEEDY
Survey unabashedly OGLE
They're often found in trees LINEAGES
Torpedo RUIN
Town around 60 miles from Bordeaux COGNAC
Uneasy feeling ITCH
Wealth MEANS
What about 23% of the world believes in ISLAM
What hip lifts work GLUTEI
What Hollande is co-prince of ANDORRA
Widely accepted medieval money DUCATS
Word from the Greek for ''trance'' ECSTASY
__ case TEST