Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 20 2015

Clues Answers
' the night before ...' TWAS
'A mouse!' EEK
'Get lost!' SCRAM
Airport listing SCHEDULE
Aviv preceder TEL
Boast CROW
Bobby of Indy 500 fame RAHAL
Branch ARM
Carson Daly's former MTV show TRL
Catchall abbr MISC
Comical Caroline RHEA
Dance syllable? CHA
Evergreen YEW
Evoking Camelot ARTHURIAN
Extinct bird of New Zealand MOA
First victim ABEL
Fish eggs ROE
Food with a heart ARTICHOKE
Gangster's gal MOLL
Guys, informally FELLAS
Hasn't paid yet OWES
Heart line? AORTA
High- (hockey infraction) STICKING
Illustrations ART
Inflexible ADAMANT
Kids' card game WAR
Kindle rival NOOK
Lean and supple WIRY
Misrepresent SKEW
Missile launchers ARTILLERY
Clues Answers
Money of Ethiopia BIRR
Mound stat ERA
Near the treasure WARM
Nebraska city OMAHA
Neil Diamond hit AMERICA
Nibble BITE
Noah's creation ARK
Old airline initials TWA
Orsk's river URAL
Out on the briny ASEA
Oxford, e.g SHOE
paese cheese BEL
Pi follower RHO
Pirouette pivot TOE
Possess OWN
Rue the run ACHE
Satan's buy SOUL
Sawyer's pal FINN
Sci. course CHEM
Shaving cream additive ALOE
Singer Orbison ROY
Spoon-bender Geller URI
Superlative ending EST
Surround BESET
Tour de France need BIKE
Use a keyboard TYPE
Wapiti ELK
Well-bred chap GENT
Wrestling style SUMO
You, to a Quaker THEE
Zilch NONE