Irish Times (Simplex) - Oct 9 2015

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Clues Answers
''In ... did Kubla Khan / a stately pleasure-dome decree'' (Coleridge) XANADU
A party to a lawsuit LITIGANT
A smaller amount of LESS
Acquired knowledge LEARNT
Annually YEARLY
Beverage from beans COFFEE
Brownish songbird THRUSH
Caused someone to remember REMINDED
Close to NEAR
Completely and without qualification UTTERLY
Confident that one is right SURE
Connive, intrigue SCHEME
Container for liquid or craft for water VESSEL
Extemporary remarks ADLIBS
Fill with wonder or astonishment ASTOUND
Finds by digging UNEARTHS
Clues Answers
Gives rise to CAUSES
Grow, expand INCREASE
Identifying sets of clothes UNIFORMS
Instruments for taking altitudes in navigation and surveying SEXTANTS
Long narrow furrow GROOVE
Medieval Christian military expedition CRUSADE
Move from one place to another TRANSFER
Of the lower back area LUMBAR
Or ...., otherwise ELSE
Pretentious, designed to impress AFFECTED
Purple quartz gemstone AMETHYST
Sea god who assumed different shapes to avoid answering questions PROTEUS
Shook from fear or cold TREMBLED
Show to be false or unjustified DEBUNK
Television event to raise funds for charity TELETHON
The art of wine making OENOLOGY