The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,696 - Oct 7 2015

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Clues Answers
10 impose love to embrace a given sweetheart INFLAGRANTE
Authorised workplace for Labour today OFFICIAL
Basic stripping of crude mimes and arty frolics RUDIMENTARY
Ben's partner was in debt and showed signs of inflation BILLOWED
Bird feels sad losing wings EGRET
Bite is capable of 22 CANAPE
Come right, ousted by church record ARCHIVE
Derailing the work of the armed forces DEFENCE
Fast food returned without hesitation is still food GRUB
Greeting funny girl with wig outside the merry-go-round WHIRLIGIG
In the act (Act II, ii), like Macbeth REDHANDED
Jack of all trades can supply jambon ODDJOBMAN
Looking fit, if half unbuttoned TONED
Model barred from turning on model SIMULATION
Nothing like slender girls for unscrupulous traffickers WIDEBOYS
Clues Answers
Oh, very sad — we cut and ran OVERSAW
Perhaps oral sex, but not giving head in the morning EXAM
Pressed four-page ad to be reduced by half URGED
Protocol book holding up, briefly and audibly, an obstruction to progress for the allies BLOC
Refuse to acknowledge noise outside broadcast DISOWN
Representing no certain job scheme, North Sea oil finally switched off ONBEHALFOF
Set callback in Adelaide LAID
Some of Jordan's water FJORD
Strange to be upset about blundering courage DERRINGDO
Strike dictatorial Sunni movement INDUSTRIAL
Team has true following of stars SIDEREAL
The old-fashioned generation's nervous ONEDGE