USA Today - Oct 5 2015

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Clues Answers
"Sesame Street" grouch OSCAR
"To ___ it mildly . . ." PUT
"Yeah, right!" ASIF
A single fact DATUM
Abdominal anomaly HERNIA
After-bath powder TALC
Arab League member OMAN
Basketball game ender HORN
Bit of heredity GENE
Bits of shattered glass SHARDS
Catherine ___, wife of Henry VIII PARR
Charley horse, e.g CRAMP
Childhood coughing ailment CROUP
Crude-oil cartel, briefly OPEC
Demolish TOTAL
Dickens' Heep URIAH
Drank heavily TOPED
Editor's "leave it" STET
Every book has one TITLE
Explosive liquid, informally NITRO
Feel indignation toward RESENT
Fire residue ASH
Follow as a result ENSUE
Gibbs of "The Jeffersons" MARLA
Gladiator's place ARENA
Grand, as a film EPIC
Great Lakes port ERIE
Hacienda hand, perhaps PEON
It goes round and round TIRE
It's enough, in a saying ONCE
Italian province or its capital ASTI
Kama ___ (Hindu love manual) SUTRA
Landlord's payment RENT
Large serving bowls TUREENS
Legal adverb HEREUNTO
Like neglected records SCRATCHY
Minuscule TINY
Multiplying bounders HARES
Clues Answers
Mythical man with a hammer THOR
Nimble-fingered DEFT
Not even a single time, poetically NEER
One dealing with issues PSYCHOTHERAPIST
One of many in USA Today COLORPHOTOGRAPH
One of several billion ASIAN
Opens, as a sugar packet RIPS
Pantomimes, e.g ACTSOUT
Part of a baseball player's getup CAP
Part of a savings plan IRA
Pertaining to teeth DENTAL
Phone book abbr RES
Playing and greeting things CARDS
Prepares to shoot AIMS
Printer's primary color CYAN
Purple shade LILAC
Quiet "Check this out!" PSST
Reading at a greasy spoon MENU
Santa ___ ANA
Send off EMIT
Show host EMCEE
Six-sided state UTAH
Small bits IOTAS
Something to chew GUM
Spelling of "Beverly Hills, 90210" TORI
Spoon's running mate DISH
The night before EVE
The Peninsula in Beverly Hills, e.g FIRSTCLASSHOTEL
Things under Christmas trees GIFTS
Treasure collection TROVE
Unspecified degree NTH
Warden's worry RIOT
Was noisy all through the night SNORED
Withered, as land SERE
Word often used in razor ads SMOOTH
Wriggly sea creatures EELS
___ and Span (household cleanser) SPIC
___ du Flambeau, Wisc LAC