L.A. Times Daily - Sep 28 2015

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Clues Answers
"Be glad to" SURE
"Just a __!" SEC
"Looking at it differently," in texts OTOH
"SNL" segment SKIT
"Tell It to My Heart" singer Taylor __ DAYNE
"The __ Ranger" LONE
*Cold War barrier IRONCURTAIN
*Last leg of a journey FINALSTAGE
*Matching breakfast nook furniture DINETTESET
*Thanksgiving night snacks TURKEYWINGS
A, in Austria EIN
Actress Sorvino MIRA
Alamogordo's county OTERO
Arch city STLOUIS
Assemble, as equipment RIGUP
Bad way to run a yacht? AGROUND
Baker's meas TSP
Bay window ORIEL
Biblical tower site BABEL
Borscht veggies BEETS
Broadway building, and where to find the ends of the answers to starred clues THEATER
Broadway productions SHOWS
Catchers' gloves MITTS
Chapel seating PEWS
Chinese chairman MAO
Clavell novel of feudal Japan SHOGUN
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Comes out on top WINS
Constellation bear URSA
Decelerated SLOWEDUP
Discussion groups PANELS
Down Under bird EMU
Droop in the middle SAG
Effortlessness EASE
Either team on the field SIDE
Enjoy snowy trails SKI
Fava or soya BEAN
Garbage haulers SCOWS
Garden neighbors of glads, perhaps MUMS
Clues Answers
Great Plains natives OTOES
Gumbo cookers STEWPOTS
High-ranking NCO MSGT
How not to talk in libraries ALOUD
Ice hockey feint DEKE
Indecent LEWD
Intermittently ATTIMES
Japanese noodle UDON
Largest Greek island CRETE
Legal thing RES
LPGA golfer Thompson LEXI
Made minor adjustments to TWEAKED
Make all better CURE
Midterms, e.g EXAMS
Molecule part ATOM
Mouse catcher TRAP
News anchor Couric KATIE
Observe SEE
Odds alternative EVENS
Pacific and Atlantic OCEANS
Part of MIT: Abbr INST
Pays attention to HEEDS
Perfume container VIAL
Piquant TANGY
Play the coquette FLIRT
Protruding-lip expression POUT
Roll of cash WAD
Royal son PRINCE
Shiny photo GLOSSY
Spy novelist Ambler ERIC
Stephen King's harassed high schooler CARRIE
Stereotypically wealthy city area UPTOWN
Take issue (with) ARGUE
Take out a loan BORROW
Texter's soul mate BFF
Vittles CHOW
Without delay NOW
Yalie ELI
__ vez: Spanish "once" UNA