USA Today - Sep 23 2015

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Clues Answers
"Citizen ___" (Welles film) KANE
"Cogito, ___ sum" ERGO
"Gone With the Wind" mansion TARA
"Now, where ___ I?" WAS
"Warm" or "cold" ending EST
14 pounds, across the pond STONE
Abominable VILE
Airport info, initially ETA
Atomic No. 46 PALLADIUM
Attack command to a canine SIC
Baby boxer WHELP
Begin an Internet session LOGON
Blazing AFIRE
Box-shaped baby bed with handles CARRYCOT
Break up, as a road SCARIFY
Caught short UNREADY
City of the Taj Mahal AGRA
Contradicts BELIES
Cooking vessel PAN
Cotillion star, informally DEB
Dark-haired fellow BRUNET
Director's milieu SET
Dish of many ingredients OLIO
Etna output LAVA
Go faster than 65, say SPEED
Grade-school basics ABCS
Hair raiser, at times COMB
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
It's smaller than a denomination SECT
Jessica of the Honest company ALBA
Kick out of the country EXILE
Lands in the ocean ISLES
Large artery AORTA
Legend in one's own mind EGOMANIAC
Like a NASA module LUNAR
Like higher-priced beef LEAN
Lobster coral ROE
Clues Answers
Long English assignment ESSAY
Maglie or Mineo SAL
Make content PLEASE
Manning of the NFL ELI
Mom's sister, e.g ENATE
Money of Yemen RIAL
Narc's seizure DOPE
Offer a bad choice to TEMPT
On the peak of ATOP
One place to spend the night HOTEL
One who gets special treatment VIP
Partner of "groans" MOANS
Pasture LEA
Predict from omens AUGUR
Prefix with "wave" MICRO
Prerequisites NEEDS
Pub offerings ALES
Rod between wheels AXLE
Simple home HUT
Sketchy summary of main points PRECIS
Small ornamental sewing cases ETUIS
Solo in an opera ARIA
Summer picnic side, sometimes MACARONISALAD
Sundress supports SPAGHETTISTRAPS
Take a seat SIT
Temporary decline LAPSE
Tennis tour letters ATP
Tic, for one SPASM
Tinkers and experiments NOODLESAROUND
Tiny colonizer ANT
To be, to Brutus ESSE
Transcription pro STENO
UFO fliers, supposedly ETS
Walk on tiptoes SNEAK
Wrist joints CARPI
You'll stand tall with it STILT
Young and inexperienced NAIVE
___ once (suddenly) ALLAT