New York Times - Dec 15 1999

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Clues Answers
'Gotcha' ISEE
'Stop your gabbin'!' HUSH
'The Godfather' novelist PUZO
'___ won't be afraid' ('Stand by Me' lyric) NOI
Alway EER
Amiens affirmative OUI
Art ___ DECO
Beach sights DUNES
Bifocal, e.g. LENS
Bone: Prefix OSTEO
Certain steak TBONE
Chinese mafia TONG
Common cowboy nickname SLIM
End of some Web site addresses EDU
Engine measures LITERS
Envelope sealer GLUE
Equatorial nation COLOMBIA
ESPN anchor Rich EISEN
Five's partner DIME
Fix, as a driveway RETOP
Fly catcher SPDER
Follow ENSUE
Food and shelter, e.g. NEEDS
French parent MERE
Full of life ZINGY
Grammy winner for 'Constant Craving,' 1992 KDLANG
Graycoats REBS
Guadeloupe and others ILES
In a heap PLED
It may be picked up in a gym SMELL
It's measured in degrees ANGLE
Item with beads ABACUS
Leaf part LOBE
Log cabin material, maybe PNE
Longings YENS
Loser in the first World Series, 1903 PTTSBURGHPRATES
Mercury model SABLE
Clues Answers
Mideast's Gulf of ___ ADEN
New Jersey cagers NETS
One of five Norwegian kings OLAF
One of the major leagues: Abbr. NATL
One of the major leagues: Abbr. AMER
Parts of Morse code DAHS
Place for a turkey OVEN
Player with a string quintet HARPST
Prefix with glycerine NITRO
Purpose USE
Register button NOSALE
Reserved DEMURE
Rhea's role on 'Cheers' CARLA
Rich pie filling MISSISSIPPMUD
Shiite leader IMAM
Shiva worshiper HINDU
Soft headrests FEATHERPLLOWS
Soldier's assignment UNIT
Starts to raise, as a hem PNSUP
Subjects TOPCS
Sucker SAP
Swear AVOW
Take aback STUN
Take care of SEETO
Think (over) MULL
Toast topper OLEO
Two tablets, maybe DOSE
Undiluted NEAT
Unseld of the N.B.A. WES
Watch's innards WORKS
Western Indian HOP
Worked (up) HET
Wrists, anatomically CARP
Writer Jong ERICA
Yokel RUBE
Zeno was one STOIC
___ first (diamond call) OUTAT