The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 2,812 - Sep 6 2015

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Clues Answers
A rentier arranged for payment in advance RETAINER
Benefactor giving disorganised hospital PR hint PHILANTHROPIST
Blazing revolver? CATHERINEWHEEL
Capital I extracted from villain in past AGO
Communication from Tory short time before piece of legislation CONTACT
Country's troops in retreat -- madness! ROMANIA
Deadlock that is broken by person elected ahead of idiot IMPASSE
Down-to-earth sons men upset? Funny about that COMMONSENSICAL
Get back, for example, into shower REGAIN
Get mildly angry, so to speak, in plant SEAPINK
Gives birth to family -- hence hide from wild animal BEARSKIN
Intimidate female whose homecoming is indefinitely delayed COW
Italian repeatedly turned to an artist from Venice TITIAN
Like some wines containing sulphur he never imbibes ASCETIC
Clues Answers
Major storm created by fuss over rent? Just the opposite TORNADO
Mass, following one's specific doctrine ISM
Muck-raking journalists, say, surrounded by good crowd GUTTERPRESS
Showing virtue of kind hard to be found in social group CHASTE
Shown on TV? Not viewable SCREENED
Some youth misbehaving peers concealed PREADOLESCENCE
Stand firm with at least two top people PARTNERSHIP
Strangely considerate, doing harm to something sacred DESECRATION
Take advantage of mine no longer, having left nothing inside EXPLOIT
Taking part in travel, maybe, one has a trunk and leaves ELM
Unorthodox religious group penning page about ghost SPECTRE
Use bottom bunk, perhaps, to avoid detection LIELOW
Will producer try out actor clubs rejected? TESTATOR
Wrongly charge poor husband -- specify steps to be performed CHOREOGRAPH