The Sun - Coffee Time - Sep 20 2015

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Clues Answers
Acknowledgement CREDIT
Administer OVERSEE
Agreeable NICE
Alligator pear AVOCADO
Aristocrat NOBLE
Being broadcast ONTHEAIR
Bicycle part PEDAL
Bright object in the sky SUN
Cheesecake cheese RICOTTA
Cuddle HUG
Curved sword CUTLASS
Diplomacy TACT
Encroachment INROAD
Far East language THAI
Clues Answers
Glory, good name HONOUR
Hard volcanic rock GRANITE
Impromptu ADLIB
Job advancement PROMOTION
Lattices GRILLES
Lower leg part CALF
Mutual agreement COVENANT
On/off keyboard switch TOGGLE
Royal head-dress CROWN
Serving aperture HATCH
Unconventional BOHEMIAN
US casino town LASVEGAS